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Is America Ready for the Quadro Qooter?

Quadro Qooter

It’s Coming Stateside No Matter What

Leaning trikes are one thing, but what about a leaning quad? That’s the question that the Swiss company Quadro has an answer to. The company will announce its entrance into the North American market at AIMExpo. If you don’t know what a Qooter is, you’re not alone. Think Yamaha Niken but with two wheels up front and two wheels in the rear.

Quadro also has three-wheeled leaning vehicles, but the Qooter is a really interesting one. It’s basically a four-wheeled scooter that has a hydraulic system allowing it to lean like a motorcycle. The company’s CEO and Chairman, Paolo Gagliardo, said the following about the company’s move:

Everybody at Quadro Vehicles S.A. is thrilled to announce our entry into the all-important US market with the QOODER brand and the establishment of our subsidiary, Qooter USA.

The company’s press release says it’s a nimble as a scooter and as tough as an all-terrain vehicle. I assume this means you can take the thing off-road and one of the promotional shots shows just this. It’s an interesting idea. It’s also super weird. I don’t see this taking off unless the machine is absolutely amazing to ride. I would definitely be interested in riding one, especially off-road.