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Kawasaki announces Z900RS Cafe price

Kawasaki Z900RS cafe

Kawasaki Australia has announced that the Z900RS Cafe is now available from $18,299 ride away. That compares with the standard Z900RS at $18,000.

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Kawasaki Z900RS worth every cent cafe
Kawasaki Z900RS

Both bikes are styled as tributes to the original 1972-75 Z1 which featured in the cult 1974 Australian bikie movie, Stone.

Kawasaki Z900RS and Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe
Kawasaki Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe

The Z900RS Cafe is even more like the Stone bikes as it adds a 1970s bikini fairing, drop handlebars, cafe racer seat, satin-finish frame and muffler.

It comes in special retro colour options: Vintage Lime Green and Pearl Storm Grey.Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Racer prices

Z900RS Cafe style

Like the Z900RS, it is based on the Z900 that is about $4000 cheaper.

However, the X900RS Cafe comes with better suspension, a more tractable engine, improved brakes, full LED lighting and that intrinsic value of timeless styling.Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

One of the cleverest styling cues is the cast wheels which have polished the edges of the mag wheel “spokes” to give the impression of classic wire spokes.Kawasaki Z900RS cafe

The 948cc inline four engine in both models has been retuned with 9kW less power and 3Nm less torque for a more rideable power delivery.Kawasaki Z900RS cafe

They both also feature Kawasaki’s traction control and an assist and slipper clutch for a lighter lever feel at the lever and to prevent rear-wheel lock-ups on downshifting.Kawasaki Z900RS cafe

Other features are: teardrop tank, LED headlight and tail light, traditional twin-pod instrumentation with multi-function LCD screen.Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

  1. I would buy the standard Z900 and spend some of the money saved on upgrading the suspension. But they all have one feature that I truly love. A four cylinder engine. Ever since I rode a first generation Honda 750 Four back in the seventies, to me, four cylinders is what a road bike is meant to have. Nothing else feels as good, except maybe a six, but there are practical limitations on a motorcycle.

    Motorcycle Funeral Scene 1974
    Billy Green (now know as Wil Greenstreet) composed the soundtrack score for this classic Australian cult biker movie.
    Using the whole string section from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to start this piece while the 1,000’s of bikers ride down the Gosford freeway to the graveyard….as they arrive the band comes thundering in, with the mighty voice of Doug Parkinson singing the “Cosmic Flash”. Lyrics penned by the producer : Sandy Harbut and the music of course by Billy Green/ Wil Greenstreet
    that’s Toad ( Hugh Keyes Byrne) on the Green Kwaka 9 .

  3. Bars pictured are slightly rising touring bars, next lower is flat bars, lower still is drop bars.
    Drop bars, apart from other things, have the handgrips dropped below the point of attachment to the triple clamp/forks, hence the name.
    With the original Z900 most people insisted it be fitted with flat bars before they picked it up from the dealer’s or did it themselves shortly afterwards. Lots of us also had drop bars, clubmans or clip-ons.
    The ridiculously high bars many bikes come with now cause the upper half of your body to act like a spinnaker.

  4. Nice but way over priced. It is only similar to the old z900 because of the colour. Look at a black one and see what I mean.

    1. Why water down a modest output motor unless of course it had more to do with emissions regulations.

  5. yes well you can’t check online to see if a used Kawasaki has any outstanding recalls & you can’t download a pdf owner’s manual so what’s the use of buying Kawasaki?

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