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Ixon Climber Pants

Ixon Climber Pants Review Summary
Review Summary
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Ixon “Climber” Pants Review

Comfortable basic textile motorcycle pants are a good match to the Courageous jacket.  Waterproof liner and removable insulating liner make the Climber pants a good choice for cool weather riding.

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The Ixon “Climber” pants are a perfect match for the Ixon Courageous textile jacket, but these trousers also work well under a 3/4-length jacket for winter riding.

The Climber pants are from the Ixon “Essential” motorcycle clothing category, which, as far as I can tell, loosely translates to “products meeting basic motorcycle riding needs”.

But that definition doesn’t really do justice to the product, because the Climber pants check all the boxes for features and are competitive with other similar pants, so “basic” translates to “just fine” as far as I’m concerned.

The Comfort Factor

The Climber pants are as comfortable to wear as the Courageous jacket.  The pants are relatively light at 1.59 kg (3.5 lb) with the liner installed, and that helps.  The “Noxilen” fabric is known for its light weight, but it’s also relatively soft, which helps keep things comfy, along with the puffy insulating liner.

The waist is also one of the nicest features of the Climber pants, and it also helps make these pants feel cozy.  The waistband is wide, with a higher section in the rear to cover the lower back.  The pants have a full-length, removable web belt that, as you can see from the photo below, is infinitely adjustable.

The hefty YKK fly zipper is covered by a flap with full-length hook-and-loop, and there’s a dart under the zipper that keeps the waterproof liner intact.  I’ve worn the pants in light drizzle, not a downpour, but in some casual testing with the hose I have no reason to believe that the Climber pants aren’t fully waterproof.

The waistband closes with a single metal snap that has a hard plastic cover on the outside.

Ixon Climber Pants - Waist

Ixon Climber Pants - Fly and Zipper

Ixon Climber Pants - Rear Waist


You can see from the photo below that the waist in these size 2XL fits me perfectly; however, the thigh length is a bit long for my short 30″ inseam.

I often/always have this problem with off-the-rack motorcycle pants where the knee armor is too low because of my short femur, and I keep telling myself that one of these days I’ll have to get a couple of pair custom-made.

But don’t let what looks in the photos like a too-long length — motorcycle pants should look too long when the owner is walking or standing, because at least 50 to 100 mm of extra length is needed once seated on the bike to account for the stretch of a bent leg.  If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s too-short pants that ride up over the top of my boots, but once I’m seated, the Climber pants fit me just fine.


The Climber pants do not have the typical slash hand pockets; instead, there’s a huge cargo pocket on the outside of the right thigh.  It’s covered with a hook-and-loop flap and I assume it’s waterproof because it feels like it has the same lining as inside the pants.

A thigh pocket like this is handier than slash pockets anyway, and anything stored in a slash or seam pocket will probably be felt by the rider when leaned forward.

Ixon Climber Pants - Front ViewIxon Climber Pants - Rear View

Ixon Climber Pants - Leg CuffIxon Climber Pants - Pocket

Ixon Climber Pants - Liner

Ixon Climber Pants - Side ViewIxon Courageous Jacket and Climber Pants - Front View


The lining zips completely around the inside of the waist to keep it in place.  Ixon uses a trick also seen in the Courageous jacket — the lining doesn’t continue all the way down to the ankles; instead, it stops about mid-calf, which allows room for motorcycle boots either under or over the bottom of the pant leg.

The insulating lining does not attach at the bottom, which may seem a bit strange, but it doesn’t seem to turn inside-out when I remove my legs from the pants, probably because the lining has a smooth and silky-feeling texture.

The bottom of the pant leg opens on the side with a zipper to fit over a boot, and the waterproof lining stays intact underneath.  A section of hook-and-loop fastener secures the cuff.

The white piping seen in the photos is reflective, and the Climber pants also have the same type of contrasting white stitching found in the Courageous jacket, making them a perfect pair.


Nice basic riding pants designed for touring or every day use in cooler weather.  They probably could be worn over a pair of light street pants if desired.  They’re light weight and comfortable, which makes a difference.

The Climber pants are a perfect match to the Courageous jacket, but they can also be worn under many other types or brands of motorcycle jackets, making them a versatile addition to a wardrobe.

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wBW Product Review:  Ixon Climber Pants

Available From:  Ixon
UK Distributor:  Thunderchild
Canadian Distributor:  Clary Sports
List Price:  119 € (£77; ~$141.50 USD)
Colors:  Black  Sizes:  XS to XXXL Made in:  China
Review Date:  October 2008

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