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Italjet Confirms Dragster Production for May

Italjet Dragster

The Coolest Scooter Ever Begins Production

I know there are a lot of scooter haters out there. Let me say one thing to them: scooters are awesome and you’re missing out on an enjoyable experience. If you don’t believe me, perhaps the Italjet Dragster will change your mind. Just look at it. It looks like some kind of badass transformer thing from the future with industrial machinery heritage and racing bike DNA.

I love this bike and I haven’t even sat on one. According to Motorcycle News, the company said it will begin production in May. 

“The First Edition series of 499 units numbered and certified, that were offered to all Dragster fans, are now sold out,” Italjet President and CEO, Massimo Tartarini said. “Bookings came from more than 20 different countries. Now the wait is about to end: Dragster production will start in May.”

In case you thought this was just a European thing or an Asian thing, you’re wrong. Tartarini said the bike will be on sale everywhere. “The Dragster is expected in every part of the world.” My hopes and dreams have come true. There’s finally a badass scooter for the masses.

The scooter gets either a 125cc or 200cc four-stroke engine. Instead of traditional forks, you get hub steering and horizontal adjustable shocks. The bike also has an exposed trellis frame and plenty of color options. This is the scooter speed racer that will make scooters cool.

Italjet see s the UK and Germany as the biggest markets, and I get that. I don’t expect to see the company focus much of its attention on the North American market, but I want to know where to buy one, and I’ll be bugging the team at Italjet for details.