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Intercom Microphone Cover Prevents Wind Noise

Intercom Microphone Cover

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Intercom Microphone Cover Prevents Wind Noise Review Summary
Review Summary

Simple wind cover for motorcycle intercom systems helps reduce background wind noise. This is a tip adapted from the aviation industry.

With so many variables it’s difficult to come up with a solution to headset wind noise that suits
everybody. I’ve borrowed from the aviation industry for my solution.

I ride a BMW R1100S and have had a considerable problem with wind noise when using my intercom.

I employ Cardo Scala Rider Q2 (review) units. I use a Zeus full-face helmet with very little padding around the chin area to help block wind.

Following are a couple of photos. I needed to make a leather cover for the mic muff and employed an old tattered riding glove, it made the perfect donor:


One finger was cut off and a 3/16″ hole punch used to put a hole through both sides of the tube after assessing where the hole should be in relation to the microphone “inlets”:

Hole in Glove for Mic Cover

That was simply placed over the existing sponge muff on the microphone and held in place with a cable tie:

Microphone Cover

Both headset mics (in each helmet) were subjected to the same treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the result: a huge reduction in wind noise.

It may not work for open-face helmets but as I never wear one it’s of no concern to me. The experiment cost an old glove and a cable tie, and there’s still plenty of fingers left for friends. Sorry, just can’t resist the “give your friends the finger” comment!

A side benefit is that any contact with one’s lips is now smooth and also the sponge doesn’t deteriorate. To those that enjoy the smell of leather, you’re welcome…

I found a huge improvement and it doesn’t seem to affect the volume at all. As with the aircraft system, both mics on the pair of helmets should be sleeved to get the maximum effect.

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