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Indian Trademarks ‘Indian Challenger’ Name

Indian Motorcycle Indian Raven
Image from Indian Motorcycle

Could This be Yet Another Indian?

Indian Motorcycle recently trademarked the name, Indian Challenger. This comes after a few other trademark name filings in recent months. The name Raven and Renegade were trademarked a while back and now it seems the name Challenger will join, making that three names trademarked for the brand. 

It’s unclear exactly what this means, though. Just because the company trademarks the name doesn’t mean it will build a bike for that name. However, it’s an indicator that the company might, and that could mean an expansion of the Indian lineup.

The name was specifically trademarked as “Indian Challenger” and not just Challenger. This allows the company to sidestep Dodge which owns the rights to the Challenger name with its coupe muscle car. According to RideApart, the trademark filing exists under two parts, motorcycles and structural parts and clothing. This means that the name could refer to a variety of products in the industry.

With that said, I would personally love to see a motorcycle from Indian Motorcycle bear the Challenger name. It sounds cool, and it would make for a good name for the bike maker. Challenger could be used for any type of motorcycle, really.

You could put it on everything from a bobber to an adventure bike. With the way things are going for Indian, it would seem the options are open. The company appears to be doing well, and that could mean an Indian Challenger motorcycle is in all of our future.