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The Indian Motorcycle Scout Rogue Crew House Event

2022 Indian Scout Rogues in front of Vans Headquarters

Indian Motorcycles hosted a Scout Rogue Crew House party at the Vans Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA—and the party was jam-packed with fun.

Indian Motorcycles really went all out for this event. There was an ice cream booth, In-N-Out burgers (yay for California), an axe-throwing cage, a custom screen print t-shirt studio, live music, and more. And of course, Indian Motorcycles’ newly released Scout Rogue and Rogue Sixty models lined the Vans building, partially painted with an iconic black-and-white checker pattern.

Scout Rogue Crew House


Indian Motorcycles electric lineups were there to greet us.

Indian Motorcycle Vice President Arron Jax previously commented that “For so many motorcyclists, riding carries a rogue spirit—a bold statement of freedom and individuality that brings riders together—and Scout Rogue delivers that in spades. It’s an attitude that can only be found on a motorcycle, and it creates a totally unique level of camaraderie and community, and that’s what Scout Rogue is all about.”

Indian Motorcycle Scout Rogue Storm Blue
The party embodied this cool camaraderie of the motorcycle community. Most of the attendees didn’t know each other, yet nobody was a total stranger.


Indian Motorcycle Scout Rogue Stealth Gray

One thing missing at the party was a test ride, which is understandable because they were serving alcohol. Both the Scout Rogue and Rogue Sixty have an unmistakably aggressive look with mini ape hangers, 19 inch front wheels, color matched quarter fairings, and sport-style seats. These bikes are screaming to be ridden hard. I cannot wait to take one out to the road.

Event Date: April 4th, 2022

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