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Hulk Motorcycle Helmets

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The HULK is a fictional Superhero comic book character created by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who appears in Marvel comics. The character is a green-skinned, massive and super muscular humanoid that possesses an enormous amount of physical strength and a killer rage. His alter ego is Dr. Bruce Banner, a weak, introverted and emotionally disturbed physicist. The two characters exist as personalities independent of each other who also resent the existence of the other.

All You Want to Know About Hulk

The Hulk comes into existence following an accident where Banner is accidentally exposed to gamma radiation during the explosion of a bomb as part of a military experiment. Banner transforms into the menacing Hulk every time he gets angry, excited, tensed or his heartbeat is elevated by or against his will which more than often results in brutal rampages that creates problems and dilemmas for Banner in his life.

The Hulk’s physical strength is normally equivalent to his anger level at that time or situation. The Hulk has been characterized with having other personalities too apart from a brutal and rampant savage which are based commonly on Banner’s ruptured consciousness. This range from a stupid and destructive force, to a marvelous warrior and a genius scientist.

Although both Hulk and Banner prefers to be alone being away from people to save them from being crushed by the monster; the character has acquired a large supporting cast throughout the years. Most prominent of them are Betty Ross (his lover), Rick Jones (his pal), the She-Hulk (Banner’s cousin), his sons Hiro-Kala and Skaar, and the complete superhero team of The Avengers of which he is a co-founder and a prominent member. Although he has fought nearly every of his team mate because of his mindlessness when he is in uncontrollable rage.

Hulk has gained an iconic and cult status over the years becoming one of the most famous Marvel characters. His physique, rage, fighting style, damaging personality and his catchphrase cum special attack Hulk Smash attracts and wow the people of all age equally. Hulk counts within the Top 10 of the most merchandised comic superhero with the likes of icon like Batman, Superman and Spiderman.

Character Biography

Gamma scientist Bruce Banner comes in contact with gamma radiations when he was trying to save Rick Jones during the experimental explosion of a Gamma Bomb. A lot of radiation is absorbed by him causing him to get unconscious. He seemed mostly unaffected and unharmed of any kind but that night, he for the first time transforms into a towering and ravaging grey creature causing havoc into the camp. He is named “Hulk” when one of the soldiers pursuing him called him by the same name. Banner is able to cure himself in the fourth issue of the series but choose to revert back into the Hulk; only this time, with Banner’s intelligence.

Hulk became a founding member of the superhero team Avengers along with other Marvel characters in the comics issue The Avengers #1. Hulk’s personality undergoes many changes during the subsequent issues and series and he later stops talking in full sentences in Tales to Astonish #64. Banner’s dual personality is made public by his romantic rival Glenn Tabot making him a wanted outlaw.

Powers and Abilities

Bruce Banner

  • Possess Genius level intelligence


  • Possesses Superhuman Strength and abilities
  • Possesses Superhuman Endurance
  • Has a killer rage

Interesting Facts

  1. The Hulk comics were cancelled after only six issues due to negative reviews. They returned only after gaining popularity after appearing in the Avengers issues.
  2. Hulk survived an apocalypse due to nuclear explosion which killed every other being on Earth (except cockroaches of course). The comic ended with Banner pleading Hulk to let him die after wandering for 200 years along on the destroyed Earth.
  3. Hulk has appeared in many colors in his early days due to printer issues. Some of them are Black, Dark Grey, and Light Grey.
  4. The original Hulk was actually Grey in color (Just try to imagine it).
  5. Hulk once teared Wolverine (Yes! Logan) in half during their battle. But, Wolverine survived thanks to his healing abilities.
  6. If the above point makes you think he is unbeatable, think again! Hulk was defeated by Superman by a single punch only during a DC-Marvel crossover (take that Marvel fans). Wolverine has made his debut in Hulk comics actually
  7. Hulk is one of the few Marvel characters who can see ghosts (And they say he has n magical superpowers!) The only way you can save yourself from a raging Hulk from smashing you is if you have puppies around. Because he loves Puppies.

Appearance in Television and Movies

  1. Hulk debuted to television in 1966 in the animated series The Marvel Super Heroes.
  2. The Hulk next gets his own TV show in 1978 live action television series titled as The Incredible Hulk along with its successive TV films. Bill Bixby played Dr. David Banner and Lou Ferrigno played Hulk in the series.
  3. Eric Bana portrayed Hulk in its big screen debut tentatively titled Hulk in 2003
  4. Edward Norton plays Hulk in the movie The Incredible Hulk in 2008
  5. Hulk has appeared in many MCU films from thereon played by Mark Ruffalo starting with The Avengers in 2012. He then appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015 next.
  6. Ruffalo is set to reprise his roles in future MCU films Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and its sequel in 2019.

Hulk Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CL-17 Hulk Helmet

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