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How To Program GM Key Fobs | 9 Simple Steps

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How To A Program GM Key Fob

A key fob, also called a keyless entry remote or keyless transmitter, controls your vehicle’s locks, trunk and alarm from a distance. Every key fob must be programmed to connect with a vehicle before it will work on that vehicle. Programming a replacement key fob, or reprogramming one if needed, is a simple process with a few important but simple steps you can do at home.

Before getting started

The most common reason a keyless entry remote stops working is that it’s battery, or the vehicle’s battery, runs out of charge. If you are trying to reprogram an original key fob first make sure it’s battery isn’t dead. A new or replacement key fob also needs a battery to function so make sure it has one.

You won’t need any tools to reprogram your key fob, just follow the simple steps below. Note: You will not need to start the vehicle, just turn the key to the ON or OFF position when needed at normal speed. Works for GM cars and trucks incl Chevy, GMC etc.

Reprogramming GM Key fobs in nine simple steps

  1. Sit in the driver’s seat and make sure all doors are closed
  2. Insert the vehicle’s key into the ignition system
  3. Press and hold the vehicle unlock button switch(on the driver’s door)
  4. While holding the door’s unlock button cycle the ignition key twice (ON, OFF, ON and OFF without starting the vehicle)
  5. Release the door’s unlock button. The doors will lock and unlock automatically to confirm programming mode entry
  6. Next press and hold both the lock and unlock buttons on your key fob for 15 seconds. If successfully linked the doors will lock and unlock again
  7. Repeat the previous step for any additional key fobs you wish to link to your vehicle, if any
  8. Turn the ignition to the RUN position to exit programming mode
  9. Test your key fob to make sure it works, that’s all there is to it