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How to pressure-wash motorcycles

K_3_800_eco_bike_app_3-44966-300DPI copyThe best way to get rid of dried bugs and caked-on road grime is with a pressure washer.
However, you have to be careful.
Motorcycles are water resistant, not waterproof.
Be careful aiming the pressure hose at electrics, grease points on old bikes, and soft fabrics such as seats, as some have so much pressure they can cut a hole through your vinyl seat.
You can safely and effectively use a high pressure washer on wheels, under the fenders, on bodywork and windscreens, but be careful cleaning the engine, especially electronic connectors, and keep it away from the instruments, ignition and electronic accessories such as a GPS.
K 3.800 ECOIf you do use a pressure cleaner, use a domestic unit that isn’t too powerful. Nothing over 2000psi.
Karcher has a new one which they reckon is environmentally friendly.
High-pressure washers already reduce water use by up to 80% compared with using the  hose.
However, the K3.800 Eco!ogic pressure cleaner ($399) has an Eco mode that uses 20% less water and power compared with its normal operation.
At 1800 watts, the K3.800 Eco has a maximum of 1800 psi pressure and uses 6.3 litres of water a minute.
It is also made of 60% recycled materials, has no toxic phthalates or PVC, and is more than 90% recyclable.
The K3.800 Eco is powered by a water-cooled motor and has a five-year warranty.