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Honda Gold Wing Motocross by Dos Honduros Is What the World Needs

Honda Gold Wing motocross

Just Gonna Send It Off-Road Gold Wing Style

If you thought that you had to have an off-road bike to go off the beaten path, then you were sorely mistaken. The fellas at Dos Honduros have proven that motocross and off-road riding, in general, is all about rider skill and determination. 

In the video below, the two riders take on a motocross track with their off-road ready, Gold Wings. To be fair, these Gold Wings haven’t been modified that much. They have some knobby tires, but they’re mostly stock. The bikes take some serious abuse and just keep truckin’ which is what I would expect from a Honda Gold Wing.

What I didn’t expect were the jumps. These guys get some air, and it looks wildly fun. The outfits, the 80s power montage editing all works well to show that they’re not taking themselves too seriously. It’s a sentiment I love.

I am 100 percent behind the idea that you should do the things you want to do with your motorcycle even if it’s not really equipped for it. Just make sure to be safe and ride within your skill level. Obviously, these two riders have some riding skills. My helmet’s off to these guys for the entertaining video. Enjoy over four minutes of madness below.