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Honda ATV VIN Location | Find It Here

Honda ATV VIN Location | Find It Here

Honda Rancher VIN Locations – The Honda Rancher serial number location for 350’s and 420’s from 2000 to 2013 is on a cross-member at the front of the ATV. This is a typical Honda VIN location and is visible through the opening in the front cowl between the headlights. A flashlight should be all you need to see into this opening to read the VIN, refer to this image for help.

General Honda ATV VIN Location – A popular location for Honda ATV VINs is located on a front cross-member which is usually behind the front rack. It can be difficult to see if you have an electric winch or custom skid plates but it can usually be uncovered fairly easily.

Honda Side by Side UTV VIN Location – The VIN on Honda’s side by side utility vehicles is located underneath the hood on the driver’s side or, in some models, it’s in the side door jam(frame). It can be seen on the lower frame rail facing upwards if it’s in the engine compartment.

Fact: an ATV 17 digit VIN number will never be located on the engine, engines have their own 7-10 digit numbers that are not related to VIN numbers, don’t confuse the two. If you need help in decoding your Honda’s 17 digit VIN number once you’ve found it you can visit the free ATV VIN decoder page for help. Hope this helps!

Additional Honda ATV VIN number location info: The Honda Fourtrax VIN number location is on the left side of the frame near the foot pegs. Note: The Honda Fourtrax VIN location has also been moved to the front cross-member depending on vehicle model. The Honda Pioneer 1000 VIN number location is on the front cross-member and is visible from the bottom of the grill opening. The VIN plate on any ATV model will always be directly on the frame itself and it can be obscured by plastics and aftermarket parts.

Common Question: What year is my Honda ATV?

The 10th digit of the vin on a Honda ATV represents the year, you can decode your Honda’s age by visiting the ATV VIN number page.

Exceptional locations

The Honda Recon VIN location, and perhaps the Honda Rincon VIN Location as well, are particularly hard to find. They are located on the front of the ATV facing forward but are behind the winch. To see the VIN in this location it may be neccessary to partially remove the bracket holding the winch to the frame and pulling it forward.

One of my favorite Honda ATVs is the Honda Odyssey FL350. The VIN location on FL350 ATVs is on the rear crossbar just above the muffler. Hope that helps!

If you’re still not sure about something or need model specific info I highly recommend that you download your Honda ATV’s manual. It is packed with the information you need about your specific ATV and is always good to have on hand.