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Hollywood: Electric Super Soco Gets an Inline-Four Roar for the Cinemas

A character from the movie 'The 355' rides on a super solo TC Max

Back when we covered the scoop on the mysterious electric cafe racers in ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins,’ we were impressed that the neoteric machines were allowed to keep their whirring, clicking personality.

While it’s true, electric bikes are quieter than their fossil fuel counterparts (and are still relatively new to the scene in general), it’s new to the point where some directors are getting nostalgic about ye olde braap bikes and desire to emulate the roar of a good chase scene with a bit of extra style underfoot.

In short, Hollywood can’t get enough of the fossil fuel roar – but they’re leaning more toward the looks of electric bikes. Interesting.

Here’s an example:

We’re told by VisorDown that Hollywood’s new female-driven spy film, ‘The 355,’ hosts a fleeting motorcycle chase scene featuring a very nice, very electric Super Soco TC Max.

The TC Max, on a regular day, emits a sound more akin to a low-volume Star Wars TIE Fighter – air-laden, a bit whoosh-ey, and certainly a quieter whir than the clear, throaty rev of an inline-four. 

A character from the movie 'The 355' rides on a super solo TC Max

Source: Youtube

The director, bless them, likely wanted something to emulate the drama of the scene. They wanted something loud – both in looks (which he found in the TC Max) and sound (inline-four screamer). 

The end result? A 125cc bike with more ponies than seems possible for the teetering machine that ended up tipping over into the subway stair system.

A character from the movie 'The 355' rides on a super solo TC Max

Source: Youtube

Bottom line, while bikes are fantastic (and the sound they make is darn near half the reason why we ride them), electric bikes seem to have a while yet before the movie industry proper finds a fitting place for all their endearing quirks and foibles. 

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Hope you’re enjoying this new 2022, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*Title media sourced by Forbes*