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High-Tech Bike Technologies That Could Save Your Life

(Contributed post on technologies for our North American readers)

To motorbike enthusiasts, these engineering marvels are more than just mere machines. They are art made into something functional. They are some of the best examples of what we’re capable of building. They are metal and chrome embodiment of passion.

But romanticism aside, they can also be two-wheeled deathtraps. While it’s true that riding a bike is a unique experience on its own, the fact that you may have to give up a lot of protection for it is a worrying thought.

Motorbikes do not have a protective exterior like cars do, and because of that, motorbike riders are more prone to injury and death than car drivers. Luckily though, motorbike manufacturers still try to make these machines as safe as they possibly can. Here are some of the technologies that could be keeping you safe during your rides.

Anti-Lock Braking SystemsBMW HP4 ABS  technologies

Any loss of control, even momentarily, in any vehicle is extremely dangerous. Losing the ability to brake also means losing the ability to control your speed. This is especially dangerous for motorcycles not just because they lack a protective outer layer, but also because they are light and they travel really fast.

Anti-lock braking systems keep brake wheels from locking up by reducing and reapplying brake pressure rapidly multiple times per second.

Additionally, more and more motorcycles come equipped with cornering ABS which helps keep the bike stable in tight turns by measuring inertia and making the necessary adjustments through throttle control.

Adaptive Headlights

Because the orientation of the lights of motorbikes are aligned with the wheels, these headlights aren’t exactly optimal for illuminating the road around corners. This presents a big problem, especially when you consider that even a momentary loss of vision can be disorienting for a rider.

Adaptive headlights solve this problem by pivoting with the motorcycle as it goes through a corner. This means that the light illuminates the road ahead versus simply ahead of the bike. This is achieved through electronic sensors and a computer that adjusts the headlights’ direction accordingly.

V2V Communication Systems

Another way that accidents happen is when motorists are unaware of the presence of each other. This is especially true because motorbikes are rather difficult to see because they have significantly smaller frames.

This is even assuming that both drivers are sober. Let’s not forget the fact that there are motorists who still drive under the influence. And, while states treat this violation differently, these Felony DUI Law Comparisons all have one thing in common: all violators end up behind bars.

Airbag Protective GearHonda Goldwing GL1800 airbag radical Goldwings incentive technologies

One of the most glaring problems with motorbikes is their lack of an external protective layer. Airbag protective gear is designed to solve this problem. This clothing comes equipped with sensors that can detect an imminent impact. When this is detected, the system is triggered and it covers the wearer, thus mitigating the force of impact and also preventing abrasions.

Now that you’ve had a brief look at some of these safety technologies, it’s only practical that you check if your bike comes with equipped with them. And if not, you can also have these technologies installed. However, it’s very important to only have these features installed by authorized technicians.