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Hi-tech motorcycle helmet keeps you cool

Encephalon hi-tech motorcycle helmet events fan
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A hi-tech motorcycle helmet with cooling fans, cameras, electronically adjustable-tint visor, noise-cancelling sound and other hi-tech features is nearing the end of development.

The Encephalon (Brain), from Nand Logic in the USA, is about to go to a crowdfunding campaign with the developers expecting the price to be under $US1000 (about $A1300) when it is produced at the end of 2017.

Spokesman Daniel Stevens says it will be both DOT and European-approved, which means it will be legal in Australia.

“All of the electronics on board including the fan and the LEDs can fit in the palm of your hand,” he says.  

The carbon-fibre Encephalon helmet is expected to weigh about the same as a Shoei GT Air (1750 grams or 3lbs, 14oz.

Tinted visor techEncephalon hi-tech motorcycle helmet

One of the most interesting features is the visor which can automatically adjust the light conditions via an electrochromatic film. 

“The transparency of the visor is controlled electronically by an algorithm running in the embedded system,” Andrew says.  

“Through this algorithm and the sensors onboard we can control the light penetration which allows us to adjust the transparency of the film hundreds of times per second to match the user’s needs for different lighting conditions.  

“We also allow the user to control the transparency manually if they do choose.”


Riders in hot climates will also appreciate the climate control system which automatically switches on fans in the vents when the helmet reaches a certain temperature.

Riders will be able to select the temperature and humidity thresholds at which the fans activate.

Safety first

Safety has been considered in several features of this helmet.

If the helmet senses you have crashed, it calls an emergency number and not only provides GPS co-ordinates but also your stored medical information (allergies, blood type, etc) and crash details such as impact via the G-force sensors so first responders will have an idea of the crash severity.

It also features LED lights embedded into the back of the helmet to make the rider more visible.Encephalon hi-tech motorcycle helmet

They operate via sensors so they get brighter the faster you go and flash brighter and more rapidly under emergency braking to alert following motorists.

Nand Logic claims the LEDs are embedded into the helmet structure so they “enhance the structural integrity”.

The helmet is made of a mixture of high-density EPS foam, antimicrobial microfibre materials, closed-cell memory foam and comfort inserts, all within a lightweight carbon-fibre shell.

Another claimed safety feature is the ratcheted visor and chin bar which open like a modular helmet. They claim it is important for emergency access.

It also has a ratchet chin strap rather than a double-D clasp.

Hi-tech featuresEncephalon hi-tech motorcycle helmet

Other features include Bluetooth connectivity for music, making phone calls, in-built GPS and communicating with other riders within a range of 500m.

While most Bluetooth helmet systems transmit data and media on the same channel, Encephalon can handle multiple streams of data so you can perform several functions at once and change settings while still listening to music, GPS instructions or making a phone call.

The sound should be good quality, too, with noise-cancelling to filter out unwanted wind and road noise.

However, as a safety feature, it clarifies and intensifies important sounds such as sirens and engine noise from surrounding vehicles.

There are also two cameras set into the helmet – front and rear – which can shoot both video and stills. They can be manually operated separately, or in auto mode where they record at high speeds or high G-forces.

There is also a data-logging system that captures speed, latitude, longitude, altitude, pitch, yaw, roll and G forces which you can view later on a 2D graph or on a map. (Beware that this information can be used in evidence against you.)

All functions will be controlled via a smartphone app.

However, riders will be able to leave the system in automatic or choose various modes that have their own settings for all functions according to whether they are commuting, stunting or racing!


The Nand Logic crowdfunding campaign will start in the northern spring with production following in six to nine months, Daniel says.

“Keep in mind we are at the preproduction prototype stage. What that means is once we have the funds to begin the initial production run we will be in production,” he says.

“There is nothing more to designed or develop, we are that close.”

Helmets for cycling, longboarding, etc will also be available and include an LED headlight and indicators.

  1. Looks like one of those funky high speed cycling helmets.
    I,m not sure how safe that back lip will be in a crash or slide it looks likely to catch when sliding or act as a leaver during impact, both are thing you really don’t want if you want to avoid steering your wheel chair with a straw.
    Solar cells to keep it powered up and possibly small turbines if they can be quite. And peltier cooling would be nice.

  2. This sounds like Skully 2.0.
    That rear end looks like murder on the passenger. Not too sure about this at all. Need to wait and see.
    I definitely like the idea of a higher tech connected helmet though.

  3. I love it! I am excited for the future of this business and its people. God, bless and watch over you!

    P.S I am soooooo getting one!

    1. I must say that for sure, you have never produced a product before.
      This is a basic (not to say very bad) rendering and not even a prototype.

      How can you claim their is nothing left to do???

      1. We have not released pictures of the 1st prototypes beyond the initial concept model because they were just that, prototypes. The preproduction prototype pictures willl be released soon! I’m not sure what you find soooo unbelievably about the design, but any “designer” know this shape is perfectly doable with the current state of manufacturing technology.

        1. The Rendering that you show here is a basic concept, not a design that is ready for production, starting with the parting lines and all the way to the visor position.

          I hope that I am wrong and wish you luck – but what you show here (I have no Idea how the prototype pics looks like and can only take your word for it) is not a file/product ready for production. The shape is not the problem – the details that exist in any product are not there yet, this is why I find it very hard to believe you are close to production.

          Best of luck, as a rider I hope it will be produced soon.

  4. Yes sounds just like skully I had preordered one…got my money back..iam wait till it’s in stores to grab one…gsxr for life …..

  5. Looks good. Especially wondering how the electronics are designed to function normally or 100% in the event of a crash. In the end even the best race spec helmets crack or get damaged. Looks like a sequel to Skully which was unfortunately shelved. I would love this helmet. A decent investment provided it doesn’t cost an organ to save one. Wait and watch is what I would do. Beautiful design on the prototype too ✌

  6. Being able to perform several electronic functions at the same time while riding a motorcycle is just what one needs – I don’t think. It’s bad enough with all the distracted car drivers on their telephones, without making it easier for motorcyclists to become distracted and kill themselves.
    One of the great things about riding is the LACK of distractions. Concentrating on riding rather than chatting on the telephone, playing around with music and talking to other riders not only makes a rider safer, but clears the mind due to the NEED to concentrate while riding.

    1. I think you misunderstood the article. Encephalon will increase your situational awareness and “decrease” distractions for the rider and other motorists around him.

  7. No way this will ever reach production. No prototype, wish list of inclusions as long as your arm, and a price/weight goal close to the best in the business. It’s completely un-achievable. It’s just a scam to get people to part with cash on Kickstarter.

    1. Sorry Dave but you are totally wrong buddy. We are passed concept and Prototype stage. We are in the Preproduction stage!! Encephalon will be on the shelves soon!

      1. I have to say, I’m a bit skeptical too. If you’re using state of the art object detection techniques, that means running convolutional neural nets on GPUs. Otherwise you’re dealing w/ the slower and less accurate Histogram Oriented Gradients, or even less accurate HAAR classifiers.

        I’m building threat detection into my Ducati 959 using an NVIDIA TX1 embedded GPU as a hobby using neural nets. However, if you can pull off what you’re saying you can, I would buy two of your helmets at even double your intended price point. This helmet looks way cool.

  8. Hi
    The helmet looks great. But just wondering, will you be also coming out with option of customized motorbik helmets? One most imperative part of cruiser riding is to settle for the correct measurements of helmets and getting the fit right can be somewhat troublesome at times. One choice to get the ideal fit regardless of what is accessible in the market is by picking custom made motorcycle helmets. It is a very good alternative for some people to go for customized helmets because if you do not get what you are looking for in your head safety gear, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. A cusotmized opition i beleive will be a great option.

  9. can i see a GPmap and zoom it without blocking the view in front of me not just voice instructer and is there any camera in front and zoom it what i see then record it and the back of this helmet so i can see what is behind me ..

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