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Here’s How Much More Affordable an Electric Motorcycle Is to Ride

electric motorcycles

Yes, It Is Cheaper

Right now electric motorcycles are more expensive to buy than gas-powered motorcycles. However, something people don’t think a ton about is the cost of ownership. Basically, how expensive is the bike to ride and own? The video below breaks down the cost of powering your motorcycle clearly.

The YouTuber usmcsaxoki did a breakdown of how many miles he rode on his Zero SR and how much it costs him to ride those miles. He then did those same calculations for a comparable motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. The results are clear. Over the course of a year, you’ll save money on “fueling” your bike. You’ll save hundreds of dollars each year. 

According to the video’s analysis, over the course of 5-years of ownership, you could save about $1,500 on fuel (or power) alone. That’s not including all of the other things that internal combustion engines need, like oil, exhaust, spark plugs, and other components and maintenance. The bottom line is that electric bikes are cheaper to ride and over time, the amount of money you’ll have saved will only climb.

It’s an interesting analysis and one worth watching. While the cost savings might not make up the difference in price between an electric and ICE bike yet, at some point, I’d expect it may. You can check out the full video below.

  1. nope

    forget the false money saving nonsense – it literally doesn’t add up

    I’ve done the comparison for the new zero (as example)
    and you’d need to keep the bike for 15+ years before any financial gains are measurable

    that’s if you don’t have to replace a battery or motor

    few people hang on to their bikes for that long

    electric bikes are almost viable
    their praise need to be based on their utility and advantages
    not £££

  2. Agreed. Call me a dinosaur, or a Luddite or whatever, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still not ready for prime time.

    1. He pays less for electricity to run the bike than it would cost if it was gasoline powered, that is all he is saying. He is correct, electricity is cheaper. As for financial gains very few vehicles ever go up in value.

  3. I have a BMW C Evolution electric scooter and a BMW K1600GTL. These are not bikes for those who yearn for yesteryear’s bikes. I absolutely love my K1600GTL and I think it is the greatest bike. But it has been sitting in my garage untouched since I got my electric scooter. The electric drivetrain with its instant torque is addicting. I don’t ride mine because of the very low cost of ownership but because it has been the most exciting ride (except for the Zero SR/F). Since I put >12k miles a year on bikes, the more I ride, the more I save. Don’t buy an electric bike for economical reasons. Buy one because the riding experience is superb! Go take a test ride in any electric bike. I bet you would be giggling like a girl!

    1. I agree

      electric is mega fun

      but until they can do over 100 miles of enthusiastic riding, I’ll have to wait.

  4. I wonder how many of the “nay Sayers” have actually owned and driven electric to qualify their opinions?

    I have owned my Empulse TT for three years and the ONLY maintenance cost I have so far is 1 litre of synthetic gear oil to change every 1500 KMS. ZERO other costs besides the 7.9 cents per kilowatt hour which works out from 90 cents to $1.20 per 100 KMS depending on traffic and how throttle happy my wrist is…so far I am happy to say this is my favourite out of my multiple bikes as it is Silent, Powerful, Fast and very low ownership costs once you get by the original purchase price.

    1. Agreed, not too many actual owners are around to comment though!
      I’m in the market, not because of the fuel savings (I have solar, so essentially free), but because I wouldn’t have to mess with gas in the garage, quietness, and performance.
      It is the future for all modes of transport.

  5. If it’s all about cruising between cafes and similar hang out fine. The financial benefits are based on current electricity costs. Once there’s more dependence on electricity and oil declines that’s when the sting will begin !

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