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Helmet Hair: 5 ways to fix that crazy mess

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Helmet Hair. You’ve been there, in the center of a parking lot surround by about 1,000 bikers – half of them checking you out the second you slowed down from the main road. It doesn’t matter if you ride your own, or you ride with your man on the passenger seat; you ride. You enjoy the freedom of the road that we all seek to spend just a few more hours on.

And you wear a helmet.

We should take a second and pause here, because as I am writing this I’m consulting with my wife and the struggles that she has with her hair. So that we are both talking about The Motolady’s and the Biker Chicks with long or medium length hair. But if you are a guy with long biker hair, keep reading – I won’t judge.

So you’ve been on the road, maybe did a few wheelies on the ride to the event, and then you take off your helmet. Just how do you avoid helmet hair?

Avoiding Helmet Hair – by IEDarla

Avoiding Helmet Hair Image 1


Fold up a bandana and cover that mess up 🙂

Avoiding Helmet Hair image 2


Bandana Knot Placement = Low

Avoiding Helmet Hair image 3


Braids and hair…. sunscreen?

Avoiding Helmet Hair iamge 4
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Don’t like video? Here is a fancy image of how to do it.

How to fold a bandana

Not a fan of the Biker Bandana?

Fine. Here are 22 more hair styles that will do the trick.

Ladies Hairstyles for the Motorcycle

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