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Head-up display motorcycle helmet launches

Skully AR-1 head-up display helmet
Skully AR-1 head-up display helmet

An “Iron Man” style motorcycle helmet with head-up display, video rearview and GPS built in has been launched (August 11).

But hang on to your helmet! The Skully AR-1 helmet will cost from $1499 (US) with delivery not until May. If you want to pay $25,000, you can get a limited edition prototype in February and a second helmet, a production AR-1, in May!

Discounts are available, but you will need to go to their website and be quick!

The Californian-made Skully is the first to hit the market with a HUD helmet, but there are several others coming with similar technology such as Britain’s Reevu.


There are also aftermarket units being developed that may, in future, be suitable to fit to any motorcycle helmet. However, at the moment, these aftermarket units are only available for cars.

Meanwhile the Skully helmet will have technology similar to Google Glass. Both are hands free and can display vital information in front of the user, without them having to take their gaze away from what they are doing.

The Skully AR-1 has a rear-view camera and navigation system that project information on to the LCD visor which can be lightened or darkened with a voice command.

The system also incorporates a conventional bluetooth communication for listening to music and taking/making calls from your phone via its built-in, hands-free, voice-recognition technology.