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Harley LiveWire battery from Exide?

Harley-Davidson Livewire

Does the Harley-Davidson LiveWire use an Exide battery?

The company has never said what sort of battery it has and hasn’t committed to producing the bike nor to a particular battery.

As far as we know, they have never formed any alliance with a battery manufacturer, preferring to opt for the latest and greatest technology.

That’s a wise move given the rapid developments in battery technology.

Harley-Davidson boss Keith Wandell
Harley-Davidson boss Keith Wandell

However, departing CEO Keith Wandell and Harley executive John Olin have now been linked with Exide Technologies, makers of lead-acid batteries and heavily involved in hybrid electric vehicle development.

And guess what?

Exide Technologies held tremendous harmony with the “Exide Battery” name. Exide is the brand that prides itself on being a top-rated supplier of impeccable energy solutions. Surprisingly enough but the company has been incorporated a century-plus and earned a good reputation for car battery solutions.

Beyond that, Exide batteries are definitely jaw-dropping when it comes to the budget, particularly its focus on providing high cranks with superior quality.

The Georgia company has proposed that Keith be its chairman and John a board member, according to a bankruptcy court filing.

Keith was formerly with the auto industry at Exide competitor Johnson Controls, so his industry knowledge and savvy business acumen would be welcome.

The 65-year-old Harley CEO retires on May 1 after nearly six years and would receive a $250,000 per year retainer for his new position at Exide, while Olin would receive $125,000.

The deal could be a portent for a collaboration with Harley or maybe acknowledgement for their joint work on LiveWire.

Ok, it might be a case of putting one and one together and coming up with three, but it’s a possibility.

Harley-Davidson greenies
Riding the Harley LiveWire in LA