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Harley Davidson’s Electric LiveWire ‘Del Mar’ Teased Ahead of May 10 Debut

“The Next Victory Lap”

A sneak preview of the LiveWire Del Mar

Harley’s just given us a sneak preview of the LiveWire’s second electric brainchild, the ‘Del Mar’. It’s not much (more of a peek at the caboose, really), but it gives us a bit of an idea of how accurately Harley’s stayed to the original sketch that’s been floating about the internet proper. 

A sketch of the projected Del Mar visual prior to the incubation of the machine with LiveWire

Titled ‘The Next Victory Lap,’ the new teaser video from LiveWire starts off with a few AMA flat track racers skidding under a retro beat and checkered white/black/purple schemes. 

As for the electric motorcycle’s caboose in question, we’re given a very grainy, VERY brief silhouette against a purposefully glitchy purple backscape. It ain’t much, but it’s enough for us to see that the bike in question is going to be a LOT smaller than Harley’s typical scoot of choice – smaller even than the One, though how much smaller is yet to be seen. 

A sneak preview of the LiveWire Del Mar

Back in March, we covered the specs and general status of the Del Mar. Seen as a more budget-friendly option for LiveWire clients and boasting a new middleweight Arrow platform, the Del Mar is projected to carry a more efficient battery type – 21700 cylindrical cells, a relatively new lithium-ion cell size format that’s been “adopted by companies such as Tesla, Samsung and LG,” according to

A sketch of the projected Del Mar visual prior to the incubation of the machine with LiveWire

The Del Mar will also “be capable of receiving Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) updates to refine the vehicle’s systems, calibrations, and algorithms remotely” – a brilliant idea in a time where electric machines aren’t often close to an EV-competent mechanic for the more minute adjustments

LiveWire heads up of the Del Mar

Regardless, the beastie’s debuting this time next week, on May 10th; there’s not a lot of time left on the clock, and leaks inbetween now and then are always possible; be sure to check back at our shiny new webpage for other topics pertaining to this (or just subscribe to our newsletter if you want us to send the stuff to you), and as always – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from WOT, Youtube, and Electrek*