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Harley-Davidson Gives The Boot to Future EV on its Website

Harley-Davison EV Concept

Since Jochen Zeitz stepped into the role of CEO, Harley-Davidson has been focused on the company’s “Rewire” strategy. This consisted of putting the focus back onto HD’s core customers. 

In the summer of 2020, everyone saw the disappearance of the Harley-Davidson Bronx streetfighter. This was in the fashion of a simple removal from the “Future Vehicles” section on HD’s website. 

HD Bronx

It seems HD has since made another removal from their “Electric Concepts” page. The bike that was likely joining the LiveWire, is now gone. This is sad news, but unlike the Bronx, it was only in the stage of a computer-generated sketch. This bike did look promising as it was in the image of a flat-tracker, something that would give the brand a bit more flair in addition to the LiveWire and PanAmerica (still to be launched). 

HD seems to have just two electric concepts left on their website but who knows when those will bite the dust. The remaining electric concepts are of the scooter variety and not likely a top priority of the American brands Rewire strategy. It may be only a matter of time before the scooters disappear from the site as well. reached out to HD, and they got this response:

“As part of The Rewire, Harley-Davidson is no longer commenting on future products prior to their formal introduction. Harley-Davidson is committed to lead the electrification of motorcycles. As pioneers in the space, we are proud of the accomplishments of LiveWire to date, including achieving the #1 selling electric motorcycle in the U.S. and an extraordinary global response. We look forward to the bright future of electric motorcycles. We will be sharing more info along with our 5-year business strategy, The Hardwire, in early 2021.”


What HD means is, they are still planning to dive into the EV world further but they also need to get their ducks in a row before uploading their “ideas” on the internet for the world to see/expect. This a completely fair strategy as they aren’t necessarily setting themselves up for success by posting their “visions” to the website just to have them removed. 

  1. Harley has been looking for new customers and alienating there base market. Here’s an idea, u want to sell more bikes, bring back the dyna and make them a bit more affordable. Love my Harleys, yes I have more then 1, but CEO has almost ruined the brand

  2. Another nail in HD’s coffin.
    The live wire is an exciting machine with wonderful achievement… Yes a little too high but something the world accepted in vision and all HD had to do was come down on price.
    Next the Bronx was another exciting machine… And because it shared a motor with one coming out next month it only made sense, but i bet HD axes the Pan America too… Especially after Indian comes out with their version……
    I rode HD for iver 20 years… Left them because i rode a ADV hwy bike back in 2007 and swapped over, never looking back. 4 bikes later now on my fourth brand (Super Tenerae) and hopeful for the Pan America but i bet HD kills their own self.

  3. Big surprise. They sold like 12 LiveWires and none of them get ridden. Was a total waste of money. They need to stick to their guns and if it doesn’t work, then go down with the ship as what they are. Old-school. Counts for something.

    1. They sold “like 12” Livewires? Where do you get your info? Facts don’t seem to be involved. Maybe not many but still largest electric motorcycle seller in US.

  4. I wouldn’t buy a new bike for nothing. I have a ‘16 Dyna Wideglide and a ‘14 Electra Glide Ultra Classic. So a Corvette and a Cadillac. I would never think about a rice rocket looking electric bike. Get back to what makes a Harley a Harley!

  5. Harley Davidson needs to figure out “what” they want to do and stay with it. Very poor foresight from senior leadership.

  6. It was dad when Harley left the old bikes behind and couldn’t get parts for them except after market that’s why we loved Harley because they carried parts for the old ones we loved, I have a 1985flt,1993flhtc and a2015 and it’s sad I can only get after market parts

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