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Harley-Davidson Pan America Will Debut February 22

Harley Pan America

A New Kind of Harley for 2021

You don’t think of Harley-Davidson when you think of adventure motorcycles, but that might change in the future. The company announced that the Pan America adventure bike would debut on February 22, according to RideApart.

This won’t be the only new motorcycle from Harley in 2021. The company will likely have a bit of a shakeup on its hands in terms of its lineup. Harley is going through a major restructuring after the appointment of a new CEO. This will continue in 2021.

When the Pan American debuts, so will some other new HD motorcycles. Well, actually that’s not totally clear. Still, there will be some new models, including a 2021 Low Rider S, Fat Bob, Iron 1200, and Road King. If they don’t debut on the February date, they will soon after.

Those bikes will be new models for the new year, but they will be overshadowed by the Pan America. This bike is a whole new direction for Harley, and it will be interesting to see if the company can pull off the big ADV thing. I’m hoping The Motor Company can make it happen, but I’m especially wary of the top-heavy-looking motorcycle. It will be interesting to see what the response is for this bike.

I’m sure Jim Pruner, who had a chance to ride the LiveWire recently, will be itching to get into the saddle of the Pan America when it becomes available. I’d love to see his take on it.