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Guitar made out of old Harley parts

The sound of a Harley-Davidson may be music to some riders’ ears, but now some old Harley parts are actually making music in the form of an electric guitar.

Terry “Mojo” Johnson from the band The Swamp Drivers has used an old Harley rear sprocket, 100th anniversary-badged clutch cover, Sportster 1200 airbox, brake lever, slash-cut exhausts and other parts to make an electric guitar he calls the Hogocaster, referring to Fender’s famous Telecaster and Stratocaster

A big ol’ Harley guitar would be the perfect instrument to play John Fogerty’s Hot Rod Heart which includes the lyrics: “Big ol’ Harley and a big ol’ moon, big ol’ ‘gator puttin’ on the zoom, I got a hot rod heart.”

Instead, we are treated to the above video of the band playing their own swamp-rock composition called “Live to Ride”.

The Swamp Drivers Harley guitarTerry makes all of his own guitars and the rest of the band also make their own instruments. In the video you can see the drummer playing a kit made out of metal garbage drums.

Other items used to make the instruments include a bed pan, frying pan, a pitch fork, broom handles, a Jack Daniels tin.

So, now when your old motorcycle finally gives up the ghost, you can turn it into an instrument to entertain and save the planet!

The Swamp Drivers Harley guitar
Some of the homemade instruments