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Get Ready for a High-End Bajaj and KTM Electric Motorcycle

KTM freeride

KTM Jumps Into the Electric Motorcycle Fray

It seems every day there’s more indication that electric motorcycles will be the future of the industry. Now, according to a report from Morebikes, Bajaj and KTM will work on a high-end electric bike for the future. The news that Bajaj and KTM were going to work on an electric motorcycle isn’t exactly new.

It has been known that Bajaj is focusing on this technology, but it was unclear if it would start with a smaller, less-expensive machine or build a high-end and likely high-speed motorcycle. Now we have an answer. Morebikes reported that Rakesh Sharma the executive director of Bajaj said the following about the upcoming electric model:

At this stage I can say that we are entering two-wheelers. We are not ready to say whether it’s a scooter or a motorcycle but we are open to the full spectrum and we are working very closely with our strategic partner KTM to look at electric solution for high-end motorcycle also.

It’s clear from those comments that Bajaj will have a range of electric bikes at some point. It’s also clear that there will be a high-end KTM electric motorcycle. This is good news. KTM has its Freeride E-XC but we know it will want to expand its lineup, and when it does, it’s good to know it will be a top-notch performer.