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Fuell’s Flow Can Go 125 Miles Per Charge and has Removable Batteries

Fuell Flow
Image from Fuell

Not the Best But Nothing to Sneeze At

We recently reported on the Fuell electric motorcycle called the Flow. Fuell is a company put together by former Harley engineer Erik Buell and Francois-Xavier Terny. Together the two have created one of the more interesting electric motorcycle startups out there. There will be a mix of both lightweight urban electric bikes and full-blown electric motorcycles. One of the company’s first models is the Flow.

We reported on the Flow’s unique wheel motor not long ago, and we said it might be what sets it apart. Now some more information has surfaced via a press release. According to the new release, the Flow will have a roughly 125-mile range thanks to two removable batteries. That’s not a ton of range, but with removable batteries, you could conceivably ride until you run out of juice and then pop in some new battery packs and keep going.

The rear wheel motor is really what makes it such an interesting bike, though. With the motor out back and out of the way, there’s plenty of room for the batteries and whatnot up front. There’s even generous storage space totalling 13 gallons. All of the details of the rear wheel motor have yet to be released, but the press release notes 100 nM of torque (roughly 73 lb-ft of torque), which is quite a lot of power. 

Fuell sees the Flow as a machine for commuting. The company will have Flow motorcycles in New York City for the next few days to try to woo some investors. Interested parties can see the bikes by appointment only. The bike’s full official reveal will occur on April 23. We’ll keep you posted with the new info once it becomes available.