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FTW200 Vicious Cycles Singapore

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Created by Vicious Cycles in Singapore from a TW200 Yamaha. The parts put into the FTW200 were recycled or taken off most Yamahas, brakes and controls were off the WR200. The clip-on handlebars for an instance came off the FZR150. The headlamp with integrated speedometer was off a vintage Yamaha.

Built In: SingaporeBike Style: Cafe Racer

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 FTW200 Bike Specifications – Vicious Cycles Singapore

Class Styling Cafe Racer
Frame Yamaha Frame
Handlebars / Risers Custom One Off Handlebars
Intake Cover Cone Filter
Motor Brand Yamaha Motor
Motor Config 1 Cylinder – Thumper
Seat Leather / Handtooled
Suspension Front Conventional – Standard
Suspension Rear Swingarm Vertical Shocks
Wheels Standard 40-80 spokes