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Former cop on bond for biker attack

Brett Rossiter hitting charge - NSW police bond
Former officer Brett Rossiter

A former police who threw an object at a rider causing him to crash has been placed on a six-month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded.

The incident occurred when NSW Senior Constable Brett Rossiter (pictured above) was performing random breath tests in Narwee, Sydney, on November 6, 2015.

When rider Paul Cook failed to stop, Brett threw an object at the rider who then crashed and suffered minor injuries.

The incident was recorded on dash cam and uploaded to YouTube but it has since been taken down.

You can now view this old report from Channel 7 which shows the incident.

Paul was charged with unlicensed riding and was suspended for two years.

He still wants to ride but says he will “do it the proper way this time”.

Paul Cork hitting - Brett Rossiter throwing object NBSW police bond
Paul Cork (Photo Channel 7)

Brett, an officer for 16 years, has since resigned.

He said it was not intentional act as the object fell out of his hand.

NSW Police say there was no chase involved.

The charge of “intentionally throw object at vehicle / vessel – risk safety” has a maximum imprisonment for five years under the NSW Crimes Act.

The matter has been circulating in the courts since 2015.

It was this week resolved in the Downing Centre District Court with Brett receiving a six-month good behaviour bond.

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  1. It peeves me that another no-hoper was riding without a bike licence, how difficult is it get a rider’s licence? Really, courts need to start throwing the book at unlicensed drivers AND riders, everyone else suffers when these clowns have accidents and aren’t covered by insurance. Fines do not seem to be working to stop repeat offenders so maybe some joail time will make them reconsider.
    After watching the “rider” avoid the police by riding dangerously it isn’t surprising that the policeman reacted in a moment of madness and threw something at the rider. Having said that the now ex-policemen was probably given fair sentence considering he lost his career.

  2. A joke indeed. The rider looks to have got away with the lesser of the consequences/punishment despite having triggered the incident by his own actions in the first place. No mention of him nearly hitting the first Copper/endangering life as well.

    I would have had the same reaction to the former Officer; ‘Shame he didn’t have a baseball bat handy instead of the “object”.

    No wonder riders are resented and policemen aren’t too friendly anymore.

  3. I assume the dashcam vision was from a civilian source since any Police dashcam/bodycam vision of the incident would have been mislaid, accidentally erased, lost, gosh-I-forgot-to-turn-it-on etc etc.

    On the other hand, if the guy riding the bike had got away, would he have then gone on to actually get a license? Probably not. He would have been too busy bragging about getting away.

  4. So a police officer loses his career and the criminal has no effective punishment. All because the police officer used force to try apprehend a criminal? What an odd society we seem to be choosing to live in. This is why police get a hard on for writing traffic to nice people. They’ve made catching criminals impossible. Easier to hide behind a stop sign writing tickets for good people who fail to stop than try catch criminals. It’s all gone backwards.

  5. All a bit of a mess really , shouldn’t be throwing things at people , but police management seems a bit excessive on the constable.
    On the other hand cannot have any time for those whom wont get properly licensed and then do stupid things out of what appears a guilt reaction .
    The copper was at least doing his job the other dude should not have been on the road.

  6. Many people making comments here should be out catching thieves & murderers instead of wasting work time on Facebook etc

  7. Sounds a bit harsh on the policeman but some police are really bad towards motorcycles so what goes around comes around.

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