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Fonzarelli NKD is first Aussie mini electric

Fonzarelli NKD is first Aussie mini electric subscribe
Fonzarelli NKD is first Aussie mini electric

Fonzarelli has produced the first Australian-made production electric motorcycle, the fun, dual-sport Grom-sized NKD capable of up to 120km range and 100km/h top speed.

Founder Michelle Nazzari says their NKD mini-bike is now available for order through Fonzarelli retailers and online.

Deliveries will start in October.

It will be available in the Entry model at $A9990 with 60km of range and a top speed of 80km/h, or Special Edition at $14,990 with 120km range and reaching 100km/h in five seconds.

The Special Edition of 50 bikes is customised by award-winning motorcycle builder, Wenley Andrews and includes:

  • Performance spec;
  • Carbon body kit;
  • Custom Alcantara leather saddle;
  • Twin headlamp;
  • On-board charging (Type 1 / 2);
  • USB device charger;
  • LED turn signals and taillamp; and
  • Pirelli knobby Tyres or Pirelli street tyres.

The Redfern-based company has already produced three electric scooters ranging in price from $5490 to $9890.

Fonzarelli X1 electric scooter
Fonzarelli X1 electric scooter

Now their NKD, to be made in Adelaide, will beat the Savic Cafe Racer to the market as the first Australian electric motorcycle, albeit a mini version.

Dennis Savic Orders accepted for Aussie electric motorcycle
Savic electric motorcycle

Powered up

The NKD is powered by a mid-drive brushless motor producing 9.6kW of power and 56Nm of torque.

It will be available in the Entry model at $A9990 with 60km of range and a top speed of 80km/h, or Special Edition with 120km range and reaching 100km/h in five seconds.

You can also buy optional fat knobby tyres so it can do some off-road work.

The Panasonic Lithium-Ion 3.5kWh inbuilt battery can be charged via the onboard AC mains charger from flat to 100% in about five hours.Fonzarelli electric

It’s a type 1 Japanese charger as used in the Nissan Leaf and other electric cars.

Michelle says the challenge facing two-wheel electric vehicles is the lack of dedicated charging stations.

So Fonzarelli is collaborating with design researcher Simon Modra of the University of South Australia, to create a compact two-wheel optional charger.

Michelle says the optional portable charger could be “rolled out in cafes, hotels and other public spaces”.Fonzarelli NKD is first Aussie mini electric

“You can charge up another 20km of range in the time it takes you to have a cup of coffee,” she says.

The optional single-phase 10amp charger costs $1200.

Custom designFonzarelli NKD electric mini motorcycle

Owners can option up the NKD with a hand-stitched honeycomb saddle in Lambo-style Alcantara suede, a USB port for charging devices on the go, integrated LED headlamp, tail-lamp and bar-end turn signals, LCD dash screen, and dual sport off-road knobby Pirelli tyres.

Fonzarelli design director Wenley Andrews has been working on the design for 10 months.

“I’ve built and designed all manner of bikes in my time,” Wenley says.

“I wanted it to be versatile where you could take it off-road into sand dunes and hills – and compact enough to put in the back of my Jeep.” Fonzarelli electric

Michelle had an unlikely education as a motorcycle manager studying Mid-East politics and Arabic at Sydney Uni.

She then spent some time working in her father’s bus company helping to make Australia’s first hybrid and electric buses.

“I developed a real passion for developing electric motorcycle powertrains as I was already a rider,” she says.

Fonzarelli have so far sold 800 electric scooters in Australia and New Zealand and Michelle hopes to branch into Europe and UK with the NKD and X1 scooter.