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Five Fall Motorcycle Safety Tips


(Fall Motorcycle Tips is a sponsored post for our North American readers)

Before a long winter, many motorcyclist enthusiasts are excited to break out their bikes and begin riding before adverse weather gets in the way. As more and more riders hit the road, it is important to gear up for everything the autumn riding season may present, both good and bad. Even the most experienced riders should properly prepare for fall riding as unique seasonal dangers come into fruition and threaten everyday rides.

This upcoming autumn, be prepared for the various hazards that may present themselves on your rides, whether you’re riding the beautiful backroads in nature or splitting lanes in downtown traffic. By being aware of these five threats, you can help ensure you are riding well this fall and the rest of the year.


The first rain after a dry period can lift oil, dirt, and grime to the top of the pavement, causing incredibly slick roads. Ride slower than normal to allow yourself for more reaction time and prevent an accident. Once there have been a few more rains to wash away the remaining oil, you should be ready to ride safely at your normal speed.


Fall can mean major movement for wildlife in your area, including young critters unfamiliar with roads and motor vehicles. “Without the added protection that cars provide, even a collision with a small animal could lead to serious injuries,” note the motorcycle accident lawyers of Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A.

Keep a lookout for any animals that may cross the path while you ride, especially if riding in an area dense with foliage. 


A threat to car drivers and motorcycle drivers alike, potholes are dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Potholes on the road can be covered by fallen leaves in autumn and present unseen danger.

Hitting a pothole could cause you to lose control of your bike, but swerving too abruptly or halting altogether could be just as damaging. The best thing to do is to avoid the pothole if possible, otherwise slow down when your bike is approaching.


It may feel like fall is in the air, which means fall has most likely hit the road as well, meaning asphalt may start to drop in temperature. Cold roads mean less traction for tires, so ride slower than usual to account for the lack of tire grip. Also be sure to wear appropriate clothing while riding as temperatures may fluctuate all day, from rain or shine to windy or chilly.

Other Riders

Fall is one of the most popular seasons for motorcyclists. Many fellow riders will hit the road, which, unfortunately, causes an increase of the chance of a potential motorcycle accident. Stay alert of other riders and always keep your eyes on the road.

Being aware of these five fall dangers can help prevent a moderate or severe motorcycle accident before it happens. By staying alert, driving slower than usual, and prepping yourself, you can enjoy autumn riding safely.