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No fine for police motorcycle officer over footpeg ‘offence’

The Queensland Police officer videoed removing his left leg from the footpeg of his motorcycle will not be fined, Queensland Police media says.
This follows Brisbane rider Jake Sloman being fined $146 for the same offence on the Logan Motorway earlier this month.
Van driver Sean White captured the image of the officer removing his leg from the foot pegs with his dashboard-mounted video camera while driving on the Ipswich Motorway on Wednesday morning.
We asked Queensland Police media if the officer would be fined or whether the QPS would show a more lenient attitude to the footpeg law given the Commissioner has also admitted he stretches his leg while riding?
Their response was: “The video in this instance shows the officer momentarily removing his foot from the footrest. An infringement will not be issued based on the evidence provided and follow up inquiries that have been conducted.”
While the response seems contradictory to the incident involving Jake Sloman, it seems to suggest that momentarily stretching your leg one at a time may be permissible.
If you think the government should re-evaluate the rules, write to Transport Minister Scott Emerson via his media adviser Stephanie Shield:

  1. Contact your state member of parliament. These people need your votes so if enough of us bring these matters to their attention something may get done.

  2. Can the QPS Media unit direct us to where it says ‘ momentarily permissible ‘ in the legislation ?

  3. Jake should write to the QPS requesting that his ticket be withdrawn, I am pretty sure that it would be. This should be the end of this silly regulation.

  4. It’s a dumb law anyway. If any bike rider that has ridden long distance says they didn’t need to stretch their legs at some time then they are lying. This rivalry between the police and the public clearly show what Newman’s new laws are doing to the police public relations. The police are loosing respect from the public and are now seen as Newman’s puppets. They are being publicly compared with the Nazi’s yet they still think this is all a good idea. Newman will go down in history as Australia’s most hated politician. Where is the common sense in this?

    1. Sadly , slowly but surely , various Police forces have gone from an organisation that was meant to serve & protect the public to one that victimises and harasses the Public , Queensland surely leads the charge , at least in Australia . Governments and Police Forces seem to have lost the sense of what is fair and reasonable , and , most tellingly , the realisation that it was the Public who gave them these powers in the 1st place . Powers to be used for the benefit of society . But because this shift from fairness to oppressiveness has been incremental , nobody has really objected and the public was able to be conditioned to the changed landscape .

    2. No, it is not a dumb law. It is there to apply in cases when people are being complete knobs. If the police really wanted to use this law to the maximum any Maccas carpark or roadside café on a Sunday would reap heaps of revenue for the government judging by the number of riders who can’t slow ride without outriggers deployed.

  5. I heard the Premier being interviewed yesterday on Steve Austin’s ABC radio program about the proposed NSW legislation to curb drunken street violence. The Premier said he would not be following suit because it was not right to introduce legislation without consulting with the people this legislation would impact – in that case the 18, 19, 20 year olds. Well Mr Newman time to show you are not a hypocrite – listen to the motorcyclists who are being impacted by these stupid and draconian laws.

  6. Ok not fined for the foot … What about the hand???
    So now the Qld Police are going to think twice about these fines cause the precedence has been set by the Police themselves….

      1. Thats correct , otherwise how would you indicate on a bike that has no blinkers , i.e. vintage stuff .

  7. I saw a criminal motorcyclist with both feet on the ground at stopped at traffic lights, where’s a copper when you need one.

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