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Film celebrates bike building legend


This short film celebrates the life and achievements of Rex Wolfenden, an iconic Australian motorcycle builder.

Rex was an A-grade motocross racer, but his real success came later, as a talented historical motorcycle maker crafting bikes from scratch.

50 Kaliber Films has created A Portrait of a Motorcycle Legend – the story of Rex Wolfenden to celebrate his achievements.

Rex established his reputation by turning Honda air-cooled CB750 fours into 1200cc methanol-burning racers and has since branched out into other period race machines at his workshop, T-Rex Racing Developments, in Heidelberg West, Victoria.

In their press release, 50 Kaliber Films describes it as a “passion project”.

“The film was created to reach as many motorcycle enthusiasts as possible as well as to gain entry into film festivals across the world,” the release says.

“Rex is a down-to-earth loveable legend, and this is a rare glimpse inside the life of such a well known figure within the motorcycling industry.”

The video was created by Dieter Kahsnitz who established 50 Kaliber in 2002.