Feast Your Eyes on This Designer’s Vision for a BMW Muscle Bike

R 1250 C design concept

BMW, Please Make It

Naked muscle bikes are something that BMW hasn’t done yet. The company has a new 1,800cc engine coming, and it would be awesome if it put that goodly mill to good use in a BMW muscle bike. A designer named Oberdan Bezzi already created the design for the company. It’s called the BMW R 1250 C Blackshine, though I think it should be the R 1800 C Blackshine once BMW’s big bore engine comes to fruition.

As RideApart rightly points out, BMW had a burly cruiser called the R 1200 C. It’s production ended in 2004, but it was the closest thing to the other muscle bikes out there. Now, there are all sorts, like the Ducati Diavel and the Triumph Rocket III. BMW could put it to these its competitors by coming out with one of its own.

The design from Bezzi looks very well put together. The details are beautiful and it really does look like something BMW could put out soon. It could take the R 1250 RT or the R 1250 GS and rework it onto the bike Bezzi has created. Actually, though, I’d like to see the company wait until its new big engine is ready and then build something specific instead of altering a current bike. I hope BMW is paying attention to Bezzi’s work.

R 1250 C design concept


  1. Frank
    April 26, 2019

    OK. I stared at this picture for 5 minutes and still don’t see a motorcycle.
    Are you trying to pull my leg?

  2. Colm
    April 27, 2019

    It’s just a bastardisation of a Diavel…

  3. John lilley
    April 28, 2019

    All they need to do is put their latest boxer engine and suspension in the R1200C frame. Add chromed rocker covers and they will have the best looking cruiser/muscle bike out there.

  4. Brian Cordell
    April 29, 2019

    I rode a R1200C, was not impressed. While I suspected it needed some maintenance, it was awkward at best. Do better BMW!

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