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Fallout Helmets – Brotherhood Steel Helmet



Trying to find a DOT certified helmet that looks like a character from a video game…. well that is just not going to happen. The alternatives – similar to the Iron Man Helmet, and Halo Helmet Mods -would be to build your own on top of a pre-existing helmet rated to your liking. Easier said than done, there is going to be some $ and work required if you want to pull off this type of custom motorcycle helmet.


While looking at some of the Brotherhood steel helmets, I found this extremely in-depth walk through on instructables on how to make your own. If you’ve got a few months to spare, I recommend that you check it out – it’s pretty awesome.


How to make NCR ranger helmet from Fallout New Vegas




Which Fallout Helmets do you like?

*Update: Check out the new NS-5 Helmet. Looks pretty good to the Fallout.