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Expert Easter motorcycle safety tips

Easter road safety

There is usually a spike in road accidents at Easter as traffic volumes increase and riders have more time to go riding.

Rather than preaching about being safe and responsible, we’ve asked several people for their road safety tips and Easter messages.

Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Peter Baulch:

Safe holidays for all and remember that road safety is a shared responsibility of ALL road users….And keep a eye out for the vulnerable road users – cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

This is the mantra of our new Road Policing Commissioner and is a pleasing departure from the past mantra of “motorcycle hoons” and “speed kills”.

AMC chairman Peter Baulch - easter
AMC chairman Peter Baulch

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator Ricky Muir:

Easter is a time when many of the roads across the country are busier than usual. We’ve all got somewhere to be, and a lot of people will be on roads they’re not familiar with. Allow some extra time and be patient with other road users. 

There are motorcycle events taking place all over the country at Easter, including the Broadford Bike Bonanza in Victoria. I’m looking forward to attending this on Saturday for the first time, at the invitation of Motorcycling Australia.

This week I participated in another day of hearings in the Senate inquiry into aspects of road safety. The vast majority of crashes are down to human error, so the message about paying attention when driving or riding really is true. I look forward to this Inquiry making some realistic recommendations about road safety that will actually make a difference.

Senator Ricky Muir - easter
Senator Ricky Muir

Dakar Rally racer  Christophe Barriere-Varju:

  1. Always ride with a finger lying on the front brake to minimise the reaction time to emergency braking.
  2. When following other vehicles closely, never stay in the centre of that vehicle; pick a side left or right so if something happens in front of that vehicle you can avoid a collision simply by going left or right quickly.
  3. Always watch the traffic for potential danger that is in front of the vehicle you are following.
  4. Stay home and eat chocolate! (Just kidding!)
Dakar Rally racer Christophe Barriere Vaju - easter
Christophe and his dog

Motorcycle-riding Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy, Officer in Charge of the Gold Coast Road Policing Unit:

Easter is always a tragic time on the road.  Historically it is one of the critical times to be driving/riding and we often see a rise in fatalities.  People seem to be in a hurry to get places due to the extended long weekend and don’t plan their trip.  Fatigue is often a contributing factor due to people trying to push long distance driving with inadequate rest.  We ask that people plan their journey.  It is looking like a great weekend weather wise so people will no doubt be out enjoying the great weather.  Remember that everyone has the same idea so take into account when travelling to those busy area’s that there may be traffic delays.  Factor this into your travel times.  For those on 2 wheels, I would remind people that over 80% of fatal and injury traffic crashes involving motorcycles are rider error and you are more likely to crash into or out of a corner.  Please remember the best lines/apex in the world will not help you if you are travelling too fast.  Too fast will always be too fast and you can change the laws of physics.  Take care enjoy the holidays and respect all road users.

Bradyn Murphy easter road toll
Bradyn Murphy

RACQ road safety spokesman Steve Spalding:

I have a simple request to ride defensively and safely regardless of what others are doing as our vulnerability in a crash means we will always come off second best.

RACQ spokesman Steve Spalding drivers lane filtering - easter
RACQ spokesman Steve Spalding

Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand boss Nigel Keough:

We hope you get the opportunity to hit the open road this Easter break and fulfil your dreams of personal freedom, safely and responsibly. The Harley-Davidson team wish you and your families a safe and Happy Easter!

2015 HOG Rally - street 500 - easter
Harley Australia boss Nigel Keough

First Aid for Motorcyclists instructors Tracy Hughes and Roger Fance:

We wish you a happy and safe Easter long weekend with family and friends. We hope you get the opportunity to get out amongst it on your bike and the weather gods are good to you. Please ride your own ride in a way you feel confident and in control. Remember being a good rider is all about managing risk.

In the event you come across a motorcycle accident scene please check for danger to yourself and others. Don’t rush in, look around you, breath and take a moment to overcome sensory overload. Be assertive and communicate clearly. Call 000, it is vitally important that you do this as soon as possible!! 

There is much more to know and the best way to get these skills is at one of our First Aid for Motorcyclists sessions. You will have hands on experience learning how to manage serious road trauma injury, practice emergency helmet removal, understand accident scene and fatigue management, group riding techniques and much more. 

First Aid for Motorcyclists organisers Roger Fance Tracy Hughes
Roger and Tracy

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries CEO Tony Weber:

All road users need to take responsibility and look after the safety of themselves and others on the road. Motorcyclists, in particular, should understand that as a vulnerable road user they must be extra vigilant—plan your path through traffic and keep yourself well protected. We’re asking all road users to watch out for each other and, in particular, watch out for motorcycles. Together, we can make our roads safer.

Easter road toll