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The owner of this bike Stellean Egelad makes no bones about it: “yes, I do drive it on the street.” The name “Esox Lucius” is Latin for the Northern Pike game fish: the fish with the most attitude in the lake. Working from an original sketch by his friend Michael Hallgren, Stellan and colleague, Drusse Månson, worked every night and weekend for four months (792 hours This is a bike that gets ridden despie t’s radical appearance. Oil tank: modified Scot blower, Exhaust: Stainless steel by SE Service, Intake: Aluminum by SE Service, Carburators: Dual SU H4, Ignition: Scintilla Magneto, Fuel tank: Aluminum with fuellevel gauge from 1930 Ford by SE Service, Rear fender: Aluminum by SE Service, Footpegs: Aluminum and brass by SE Service, Footcontrols: Stainless steel and brass by SE service, Frontbrake control: Aluminum, brass and Stainless steel by SE Service, Shiftstick: 1938 Ford, Sidestand: clutchpedal from 1938 Ford, Seat:Aluminum and brass by SE Service.

Built In: SwedenBike Style: Samuri

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Esox Lucius Bike Specifications – SE Service

Class Styling Samuri
Exposure/Publication AMD Bike
Frame Custom One Off Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank
Intake Cover Custom One Off
Motor Brand Harley Davidson
Motor Config Flathead
Motor Size (ci) 080ci
Suspension Front Springer
Suspension Rear Rigid / Hardtail
Tires Tire Wide 180-260mm
Wheels Standard 40-80 spokes