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Erik Buell set for Aussie return

Erik Buell racing
Erik Buell Racing 2017 models

Erik Buell Racing Motorcycles (EBR Motorcycles) has released their 2017 models and promised new bikes in ’18 while the Australian importer hints at an imminent return to our market.

The good news on the innovative brand follows a troubling year in which they closed their doors, shut down production, completed a lengthy business restructuring under new owners and restarted small-scale production.

Thankfully, the engineering brains behind the brand, Erik Buell, remains as chief technical officer.

Joshua Pilley, marketing manager of Australian importers Urban Moto Imports, says they will release a press announcement “in coming weeks”. No more details are available, but it looks promising for the return of EBR with the same importers.

Bill Melvin, the CEO at new EBR owners Liquid Asset Partners says they have new bikes and new dealers coming on board.

“Our quality is continuously improving, our supplier relationships established, and now we are looking towards the future,” he says.

“This fall we have something ‘Quick, Dark, and Low’ in the works that should be exciting for urban street riders, and we are making real progress on expanding the range of models on the 1190 platform.

“There is a bright future for EBR, and as part of that, work is proceeding on a sub-$10k platform for 2018.”

The 2017 models appear to be the same as the 2016.

Erik Buell 2017 EBR 1190 RX and 1190SX
2017 EBR 1190 RX and 1190SX

EBR CEO Steve Smith admits there have been “some bumps over the last year”, but says the road is “looking pretty smooth now”.