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Electric Zero DSR celebrates decade

2016 Xero DSR
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It’s been a long time since Zero Motorcycles started its journey and now they have released a new DSR to celebrate a decade.

With the name of Electricross, Zero was founded in 2006 in Scotts Valley, California, by the innovator and aeronautical engineer Neal Saiki. It all began with the “Drift”, an incredible motorbike that was ahead of its time. The bike, still far from the products that Zero offers today, only weighs 63.5kg (140 pounds) and it meant the start of the electric motorcycle manufacturer.

On June 11, Electricross opened a modest store that was welcomed by the Santa Cruz action sports community. Since then, the company has not stopped growing.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Zero Motorcycles brings a new DSR adventure motorbike. This special edition is elegantly decorated in metallic black paint with custom anniversary graphics, and it includes accesories like high-gloss and dual sport windscreen. It’s also the first model with an integrated Charge Tank, which is very useful for customers because it allows the use of Level 2 public charging. This bike is a limited edition and only 50 units will be manufactured at Zero headquarters in California.

As an electric motorcycle industry leader, Zero Motorcycles has revolutionised the moto scene. It has lived a decade as a pioneer on electric motorcycles, helping bikers all around the world and succeeding in a highly competitive environment. Since 2006, it has been producing and improving efficient motorbikes, but there’s something that makes the company special and successful: it has has invited users to go for a ride and to live the experience.

The company has rapidly grown and now it’s known worldwide. It’s on the top with a range of good products that are sold for a reasonable price, and it seems it will continue to innovate for a few more years. Zero Motorcycles connects the features of old bikes with the new technologies. It’s able to find the perfect combination of innovation and tradition.

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UPDATE: Australian importer, Jeff Gleeson, managing director of GBT Imports says they will not be bringing the limited edition DSR into Australia.

“This is because Australia does not yet have in place enough J1772 quick charging stations to make best use of the standard features of this great bike, notably the charge tank as standard equipment,” he says.

“Everyone who has bought a Zero is charging it at home or at work utilising a standard 240 Volt outlet, and if they want a faster charge, they buy a quick charger which also uses a 240 volt socket.”

2016 Xero DSR