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Electric Emula will emulate any motorcycle

Emula wll emulate traditional motorcycles
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Imagine an electric motorcycle that could emulate the sound and feel of any past or present sportsbike, whether thumper or multi-cylinder.

It’s called the Emula (short for emulate) and it promises to be a thousand bikes in one.

Emulate with McFly

The prototype bike is the product of Italian company 2Electron.

It uses what they call McFly Core technology which is a wink to Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly, in the Back to the Future movies.

But rather than a “fluxcapacitor”, the Emula uses subwoofers under the seat and on the tank to match traditional bike sounds, vibration pads in the seat, bars and pegs to provide engine feedback sensations and a digital gear shifter and clutch lever.Emula wll emulate traditional motorcycles

They say customers will be able to choose “almost” any brand, make or model of motorcycle and the technology will be able to match the sound, feel and even emulate the power curve, throttle response and gear shifting characteristics.Emula wll emulate traditional motorcycles

One of the most common complaints about electric motorcycles is that they lack the sound, feel and emotion of a traditional motorcycle.

This technology is obviously geared to overcome this, but at what cost in dollars and weight?

There is no word yet on scheduled arrival, price or tech specs such as range and charging times.Emula wll emulate traditional motorcycles

Boring mode

However, they do say it has have a “Boring Mode” which turns off the noises, vibrations and reverts to twist-and-go throttle with direct drive to the rear wheel.Emula wll emulate traditional motorcycles

They also claim a 250km/h (155mph) top speed.

Since the McFly emulation software is simply downloaded into the bike’s computer, you can chose several favourite motorcycle types and swap between them on the fly (or is that McFly?).

Now that would be interesting. Imagine switching from a Mike Hailwood Ducati to a Doohan 500cc two-stroke!

It’s sort of like a bike simulator on steroids.Emula wll emulate traditional motorcycles

Is this just a gimmick, or do they really think this has the potential to come to market?

We don’t know. We contacted the company and have yet to receive a reply, but will update if/when we do.

* Meanwhile what bike would you nominate to program into this electric machine? Leave your comments below.

  1. Not quite sure what to make of this ….. but yeah I can see the fun in that …..

  2. …emulate any SPORTS motorcycle.

    Fixed it for you. There’s more to a bike than the power characteristics and the gearing. I don’t see any adjustable handlebars or pedals.

  3. It’s like riding a dirtbike in GTA and then saying you have experience of what it’s like to ride dirtbikes. Someone will go through the menu and choose “250 2-stroke”, and then start a Youtube channel about it and tell anyone who cares to listen that he knows all about 2-strokes thanks to his simulator. He will actually lecture people and pontificate about how exhilarating “2-strokes” are. After playing this game (because I don’t call it a bike) if he sees an actual 2-stroke on the street, an arrogant grin will cross his face as if he knows all about it. And he will truly believe he knows all about it. He will ride his “2-stroke” toy on the street, because he is sure that he wants to ride a 2-stroke, despite never having sat on a 2-stroke in his life. This is what I’m sure will happen.

  4. Think where this could lead. How about programming in the reliability of 70’s Ducati’s electrical system, or the Lucas (prince of darkness), get a random shutdown, or stall off the lights. Simulate an oil leak onto the back wheel, or shitty brakes, wow the possibilities are endless. Experience riding how your dad did it.

    1. Robert
      Ahhh, the good old days, riding in mocasin’s, not replacing tyres just because the belt was exposed. Memories … Young’uns don’t know what they’re missing.

  5. Program in a Suzuki RG500 for some roadgoing 2-stroke thrill. Nothing happens until about 5000rpm then it turns feral. For added realism program in the dubious gearbox that could fail and lock the rear wheel.

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