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Dunlop increase tyre touring range

Dunlop has introduced the Roadsmart IV which they claim has about a quarter more mileage than their popular Roadsmart III sport-touring tyres.

They tested the tyres on a 2018 BMW K1600 GTL at their company proving grounds in Huntsville, Alabama, and on a 2018 Honda CB1300 SB in Japan on public roads and highways.

Their tests showed a 23% mileage improvement in front tyre mileage and 26% on the rear.

They also claim nimbleness and steering response improved about 5% in the dry and a 10% improvement in the wet.

While mileage is important to touring riders, so is safety and Dunlop claims the new model maintains its grip performance throughout its lifespan.


That means it has the same amount of grip when the tyre is due for changing as it did when it was freshly fitted.

They say Roadsmart IV, or RSIV, now comes with new tread patterns, construction, compounds, and profiles that also increase ride comfort and grip.

Like many modern tyres, it has multiple sections within the tyre wth different compounds so that it yields long wear in the hard centre, but has more grip as you lean into corners with a softer compound on the edges.

They also feature new sidewall construction to improve wet and dry handling and comfort.

An interesting new technological feature is “camber thrust tuning” which means it is designed to perform well under the extra strains of leaning in a corner.

Dunlop says their technology allows the RSIV to better balance front and rear tire patterns, construction and profile for nimble and neutral handling.

The tyres are available in a range of sizes that suit most medium to large sports tourers.