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Ducati’s Third Premiere Brings Updated 2021 SuperSport and Panigale V4 SP Edition

The News We’ve All Been Waiting For

Ah yes, the two bikes we’ve been waiting to see Ducati release updated information for. Regardless if you’re an ADV or touring rider, we can all come together to froth over the Panigale V4, no matter what your riding background is. It is the Ferrari Enzo of the motorcycle world, and with Ducati’s World premiere nearing completion, we warmly welcome the new updates for both the Panigale V4 and the SuperSport models.

We’ll start with the Panigale because you can’t say “Ducati” without a red Panigale popping into your head; meaning I think it’s the most important bike we’re going to cover with the Italian’s scheduled model rollout. The 2021 Panigale V4 is still sit’s atop mt. motorcycle as the god of all sportbikes. If you’re an S100RR guy, feel free to email me and we can schedule a cage-fighting match to settle it once and for all.

This year brings an updated electronics package – including the ‘DTC EVO3’ Traction Control system, a new ‘Race Riding Mode’ power mapping, and a few other small updates. The V4 will set you back $22,295 USD, and the V4 S will tack on an extra $4000 in upgrades bringing the price to $28,695.

If you’re wondering why the standard Panigale doesn’t see a huge load of updates this year, it’s because the new V4 SP is taking the spotlight this time around. The new SP edition of the V4 is a $37,000 USD super machine with a wicked amount of upgrades and a special MotoGP testing livery. The SP produces 214 horsepower and 91.9 lb-ft of torque and sheds some weight, bringing the total dry weight to just over 380 lbs thanks to the spilt 5-spoke carbon rims (1.4kg lighter than the alumiumun V4 S rims) among some other light-weight parts.

The V4 SP is a track-ready weapon with its fully adjustable aluminum footpegs and a ‘racing kit’ that allows for quick removal of the rearview mirrors, a kit for the removal of the license plate holder, open clutch cover, and the inclusion of a Ducati Data analyzer / GPS module.

Let’s move onto the comfier daily-riding option, the SuperSport. The 2021 Supersport has been beautifully re-worked to look much closer to the Panigale. The older generation of the SuperSport still had some of its own styling characteristics, whereas this new model looks like it took a trip down Panigale lane and picked up a few tricks along the way.

Beyond the visual update, the new SuperSport has new rider-friendly ergonomics to really set this bike apart as the “comfy Ducati” thanks to its raised handlebars, revised seat, and adjustable suspension. Similarly to the Ducati V4 this year, the SuperSport will see an electronics update with Bosch’s 6-axis internal platform entering the ring allowing for detection of the roll, yaw, and pitch of the motorcycle in addition to the fully-adjustable Cornering ABS, traction control, wheelie control, and electronic shifting. The SuperSport will come in a base version (starting at $13,495) and an upgraded S version (starting at $15,795 USD).

The Panigale V4 brothers will be hitting the dealership aisles beginning in December (SP will come in March of 2021), and the SuperSport will begin trickling in a little later down the line in March 2021 with the release of the V4 SP.