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Ducati Sport Classic Oil Cooler Radiator Guard

Paul Smith Ducati Sport Classic Oil Cooler Radiator Guard

Ducati Sport Classic Oil Cooler Radiator Guard Review Summary
Review Summary
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Paul Smith is at it again!  His Ducati SportClassic fork protectors (review) have become so popular that he’s started producing and selling them with a new company, CustomDucati, to handle the orders.

Here’s his latest creation, and this one is just as useful: the CustomDucati SportClassic Radiator Guard.

I’ve been scratching my head ever since the GT1000 entered the garage, trying to figure out a way to protect those super-thin oil cooler radiator fins from getting bent, knocked, bunged, bugged, crusted and generally abused.

The radiator sticks right out there, like the proverbial glass chin on a wannabe boxer, just waiting to get slammed.  And nothing looks worse than bent and buggy radiator fins!

They’re a pain to clean, and I have to grab the needle-nose pliers on a regular basis to straighten them out.  Kind of ridiculous, when you think about it.  After all these decades, we’re still using flimsy radiators with paper-thin cooling fins that can bend when hit by a little bug.

So I’ve been on the lookout for something I could drape over the front of the oil cooler to prevent damage, while still allowing the maximum amount of air flow, which is, of course, crucial.

I tried ginning up a piece of metal screen, using cable ties, but it looked like heck so that idea was scrapped.

And then along comes Mr. Smith, with this very nice-looking and also very useful Ducati SportClassic Radiator Guard.  Just the ticket, and the bonus is that it looks great!  I think it actually makes the somewhat ugly radiator look better, which is a real accomplishment.

Like the fork guards, this is easy as pie to install.  The radiator has two 5 mm hex-head cap screws holding it to the rubber dampers on the bottom.   The screws fit into what appears to be a titanium (can’t be, can it?) special washer.

Unscrew the bolts, slap on the radiator guard and tighten everything up.  I put a dab of blue Loctite on there just in case, figuring that with all the vibrations on the front of the Ducati V-twin that the threads might need a little persuasion to behave.

See for yourself; it’s amazing, because it gives the front of the bike a much more finished look.

This one is aluminum, and Paul says the radiator guard will also be available in black.  I’m sure Ducati owners will think of all sorts of colors (or is that colours?) to paint it.

We put the cool Ducati logo on the front, a nice finishing touch, as an example of what owners might want to do to dress it up a bit.

The CustomDucati SportClassic Radiator Guard.
The CustomDucati SportClassic Radiator Guard.
Radiator guard, front and rear views.
Ducati Sport Classic Radiator Guard - Left Side
The oil cooler radiator before installing the guard; the bent fins and bugs are all too visible.
Radiator guard installed; the 5 mm HHCS and titanium-colored washer can be seen on the left.
View from the left-hand side of the bike.
Installing the Ducati Sport Classic Radiator Guard
All it takes is a 5 mm Allen wrench (and here’s a review!) and maybe a drop of Loctite.
Ducati Sport Classic Radiator Guard, Left Side
Lookin’ good, no?


A must-have addition to any Ducati SportClassic, the CustomDucati SportClassic Radiator Guard is now available for the Hypermotard; Sport 1000 and 1000S; the Paul Smart LE; the 2001-2002 Monster M750 and M900; the 2003-2004 M800; the 2003-2005 M1000; the 2005-2007 S2R 800 and the 2006-2009 S2R 1000.

Probably more on the way, so check with CustomDucati for the latest.  They also feature SportClassic steering dampers, the SportClassic fork protectors and more.

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Available From:  CustomDucati Suggested Retail Price:  £50 incl. worldwide delivery.
Colors:  Aluminum or black. Made in:  Scotland
Review Date:  May 2009  Notes:  Product provided by the manufacturer for this review (more).

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