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Ducati Reaches 350,000 Total Monsters Sold


30 Years In the Making

The “Monster” motorcycle name is completely synonymous with the Ducati brand by now and the sales figure to prove it; the motorcycle that pioneered the modern-day hyper-naked styling that we find in so many recent models has managed to sell its 350,000th model.

A cause for celebration; after 30 extremely successful sales years for the Ducati Monster line of motorcycles, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer has just sold its 350,000th Ducati Monster.

In classic Ducati fashion (all about the flash), not any Monster was sold for the 350,000th model… Of course, it was a Monster 1200 S (in black). The only way to make the sale any more “Ducati” is if the motorcycle was Duc Red. But with Ducati’s recent introduction of their “shadow” liveries to go with their recent models, it still fits the bill of what a modern-day Ducati should look like.

The lucky customer is named Sebastien Francois Yves Hervé De Rose (phew), and he traveled all the way from Milan to the Ducati factory to pick up his special Monster 1200 S.

The revolving door of the “Monster” line up has seen many variants come and go in the 30-year production stint. From small-displacement versions, all the way up to the bad-ass state-of-the-art 1200 S that Sebastien managed to snag, the Ducati Monster name holds weight due to the rich history of the lineup and we hope to see Ducati continue that tradition long into the future.

Congratulazioni, Ducati!