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Ducati Makes a New Marketing and Communication Department

ducati streetfighter V4

Upping the Ante

Ducati announced the creation of a new marketing and communication department, according to the Italian publication Motociclismo. The goal of this new marketing and communication department is to maximize the experiences for Ducati fans. The idea is to create an entertainment system around its products and around the brand.

Patrizia Cianetti will take the helm of this new initiative. She is the former Marketing Director, so she has plenty of experience in this area of the business, and should be able to help make this new initiative happen and take it to where the company would like to see it go.

It’s a little unclear from the Motociclismo article what exactly this new initiative will look like, but I assume more information will come out in the future. It sounds to me like Ducati will be focusing on expanding its digital footprint, which oddly enough is exactly what Harley-Davidson is doing right now by creating a new Chief Digital Officer.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. More and more of the experience of motorcycle life has shifted to the digital space. While actually riding will always be done on the bike, it’s smart of Ducati to position itself in a place to take advantage of any big moves in terms of digital marketing. It will be interesting to see how this new focus manifests in the coming months and years.