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Dubbo declares Bike Street for motorcycles

Dubbo Bike Rally

Dubbo in central NSW will declare a CBD street as Bike Street for motorcycles during the inaugural Dubbo Motorcycle Rally from May 10-12, 2019.

Dubbo Motor Bike Rally Committee spokesman Wayne Amor says the region is the perfect place for a large motorcycle rally and hopes it will turn into Australia’s version of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Such Dakota, the world’s largest.

“We feel that Dubbo and surrounds have a great deal to offer riders along with the local venues that have already come on board to support our event,” Wayne says.

“It is a great excuse to get the bike out for a couple of days and gather with other like-minded people.

“We have the added initiative of covering off on some road and motorcycle safety aspects, especially considering the recent spate of motorcycle accidents and fatalities in NSW.”

Dubbo Bike Street

Dubbo Bike Rally
“Bike Street” for the 2018 Toy Run

The rally will be held in Church Street, between Macquarie and Brisbane streets.

It will one known as “Bike Street” from 8am to 6pm on the Saturday of the rally with the street closed to all but motorcycles. Access will be via Brisbane St.

A detailed list of entertainment will be posted on the rally’s website and Facebook page as the event gets closer.

“The aim of the rally is to promote safe riding and foster all the great things that riding a bike provides – fun, freedom and camaraderie,” Wayne says.

Simon, Steve and Wayne at the Black Dog Ride 1 dayer in Dubbo
Wayne Amor (right) at the Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer in Dubbo

The committee has invited the Motorcycle Council of NSW and are in negotiations with the RMS Motorcycle Safety Unit and the NSW Police Force.

Wayne says they also have many motorcycle related industries and outlet stalls plus major motorcycle companies interested in attending.

The city has many pubs, clubs and restaurants for riders to experience and more than 4500 hotel beds.

Biggest rally

“We aspire to be the largest bike rally in Australia,” Wayne says.

“From Harleys to Hondas, Buells to Beemers and Piaggios to Posties, all bikes and riders are welcome.

“We haven’t set a minimum, but we have pressed 1000 pins and patches for the inaugural event.

“Dubbo Regional Council is also very much behind the event and hope, like us, that it is hugely successful.”

  1. Hope it comes off, and I hope the police don’t be assholes and have a massive presence doing RBT’s and roadworthy tests hassling everyone.

  2. Well, IF you are TRYING for a ‘Sturgis’ in Australia, then you had better have some forms of entertainment to keep the bikers happy – it is all well and good to have a street blocked off for the bikes, have a few venues serving GOOD Fast & Slow Food styles and playing some music, but there are some in the biker community that would certainly welcome a Motorcycle Event or Two to be held in conjunction with the weekend – Hill Climb, Flat Track, Speedway, Super-cross, Touring Rides – Maybe a RIDE THROUGH at the ZOO – Badges for Survivors … ???
    I just think that there needs to be a significant draw-card event to make the event a really memorable one, and have riders wanting to return again and again over the years… Street Drags ? Night time carnival type atmosphere – Perhaps for the Inaugural event, Suggestion Boxes with printed cards and pens provided to have a List of possible events for future DUBBO RALLY to be voted on – IT Needs a High Profile Event to Make it a High Profile Event and it is not going to get that by NOT Promoting it in a meaningful way …

    Just FOOD for THOUGHT to the Organisers of the Event – Australia NEEDS a Major TYPE of Event like that. Something to go to, for a Blast of a WEEKEND (Long Weekend ?) (Week Long ?) – A 10 Day Event Like Sturgis could become a reality for the future but, maybe a Dream a Bit too Far ???

    State Co-ordinator ? – National Co-ordinator ? – Local Co-ordinator of course – Prizes, Give-away’s, Music, Food, Entertainment – Get a Tattoo & Bike Show happening, Tattoo stalls for entrants commemorative Tattoos to be done on the spot – Look, Just Throw it OUT There for the CHALLENGE and SEE Who & What sort of Responses you get – IT Just Needs Something MORE than Just a Ride to DUBBO I’m afraid, if not then IT is Doomed to FAIL … Like a Lot of Other Well intended ventures in OZ – Sorry BUT That IS the Reality of it ALL in Apathetic Australia …

    And Could Such an Event ever take place in OZ it would BE Real Nice of the Biker community at large to turn up but leave the bullshit at the gates – PLEASE … Respect !!! (For The Love Of Two Wheels)
    FTLOTW RALLY DUBBO (Cloth – Yearly Patches?)

    Ciao –
    frostbite …

    1. Great to see some people have taken the initiative to get this off the ground. Agree with frostbite – will need to add activities pretty quickly to keep it going (organised rides, some activities at the showground such as stunt show, promo girls, Show & Shine etc). I’ll be there supporting big time as I would love to see this grow and continue.

  3. Both Frostbite & G Roberts make valid points.
    The biggest draw card for Sturgis is its right a the Black Foot Hills ( Mt Rushmore ) and the scenic rides are something to behold for all.
    The event schedule is full on, maybe even a little over the top, but that’s where it has evolved to.

    We all agree there are laws to be upheld, but if police harass every rider with a ‘tail tidy’ or non-genuine accessory which does not actually make the bike any safer or un-safe, it will be a one year event.

    Try focusing on real issues and not revenue raising under the veil of anti-socialising.

    Just my viewpoint from a vintage motorcycle rider!

  4. Have you considered getting in contact with the office of MP Chris Hayes?
    If he is realistic about supporting motorcycle riders across Australia, this is his chance to stand and be recognised!

  5. Their facebook page states Raptor will be there and the organizers are liaising with Orana district Police so you can expect the usual from Raptor , defects for bar , pipes ,mirrors etc

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