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DriRider leads Canstar Blue jacket survey

Canstar Blue jackets survey

Australian motorcycle jacket company DriRider has edged out iconic American Harley-Davidson in the 2018 Canstar Blue customer satisfaction survey of more than 400 riders.

DriRider also won the 2016 and 2015 surveys while Harley won last year.

The ratings compare motorcycle jacket brands on factors including value for money, comfort/fit, protection, durability, functionality, style and overall satisfaction.

DriRider and Harley were followed by Alpinestar, Triumph and BMW.

These were the only brands mentioned as they must receive a minimum of 30 responses to be included in the ratings.

Canstar Blue has also rated motorcycleshelmets, gloves, boots and tyres. Click on the relevant item to read our report.

Safety ratingCanstar Blue jackets

The Canstar Blue survey found that comfort and fit, protection, and style are the greatest drivers of overall satisfaction for consumers, with functionality and value for money considered less important. That’s worth keeping in mind the next time you’re tempted just to buy the cheapest jacket possible.

DriRider scored a full five stars for five of the seven categories, including protection.

Harley top scored in style and durability. Triumph also topped in durability and also won for comfort and fit.

Riders can also now consult Motocap, the world’s first rating system for motorcycle clothing protection and comfort.

Motocap Motorcycle clothing rating system launched target canstar
Motocap ratings

Motocap has so far only rated 10 jackets and did not include DriRider. Top safety rating went to RJays Calibre with five stars while jackets only scored between half a star and two stars for comfort.

Canstar Blue findings

In other Canstar Blue jacket survey findings:

  • 52% wear a protective motorcycle jacket every time they ride;
  • 61% feel safer wen wearing a jacket;
  • 7% don’t wear a jacket because it gets to hot;
  • 40% buy a jacket with waterproof ability;
  • 21% believe a jacket saved them from injury in an accident;
  • 50% look after and maintain their jacket;
  • 10% buy the cheapest jacket
  • 12% wished they had spent more on a better jacket; and
  • 17% wear their jacket socially ween not riding.
  1. My Dri-Rider leaked… which has got to be the biggest fail you can have for a jacket (especially one called Dri-Rider)? It didn’t leak just a bit… it leaked a lot. It seemed that as soon as the material got wet it started to leak… so it was a materials issue not a seam issue.

    Told Dri-rider about it and they wouldn’t do anything about it. They have been outsourcing production to China… and while they get cheap jackets they are also getting lousy quality.

    None of my older Dri-riders leaked… and they also lasted almost forever.

    Maybe Dri-rider has lifted its game?


  2. How can Dririder out perform BMW gear in protection?
    Considering motocap gave the Dririder Vortex 2 pants 1 star for safety.
    Until I read the motocap report the Dririder vortex 2 jacket and pants was #1 on my will buy list as I need a new jacket and pants.
    Also reviews of Dririder of late have been far less than complimentary, stating a total lack of backup for warranty, poor zips and water leakage.
    I also couldnt find any crash reviews, only a few of I bought these and they’re cool reviews or shops just regurgitating the manufacturer’s blurb.
    Now looking at the next price point up, although motocap have yet to test what I’m looking at.
    Why is it so hard?

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