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Drag day for Victory and Indian riders

Suzanne Batchelor on her Victory Hammer drag bike
Suzanne Batchelor on her Victory Hammer drag bike

Victory and Indian Motorcycle Brisbane is inviting owners to join their Sunday shop ride to the All Bike Drag Day at Willowbank Raceway.

A highlight of the event will be the appearance of Suzanne Batchelor on her all-conquering Victory Hammer.

The shop rides starts at 8.45am after coffee and the shop will shout the $10 entry for the first 50 who RSVP to their Facebook site.

Racers will compete at the event across a range of brackets including Pro Open Bike, Modified Bike, True Street Bike, LAMS, Harley & Cruiser, Ladies, Nostalgia as well as take in a range of demonstrations.

Gates open at 6am with qualifying from 8am.

The racing format is a Chicago Shootout with two qualifiers and three rounds of racing and finals.

Victory Motorcycles is no stranger to drag racing and speed having slightly modified a Hammer to set the 2014 AMA Bonneville National M-BG/2000 record of 173.321mph (278.933km/h) at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2015 and sponsoring the Matt and Angie Smith team with a Gunner in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championships.

Victory Motorcycles Rally Denver 2015 octane drag
Victory Motorcycles drag in Colorado