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Double bike crash probe drags on

double crash investigations justice conviction

Investigations into a terrifying double motorcycle crash in Melbourne as shown in this dash cam video are continuing – more than a month after the accident happened on July 16, 2016.

The video seems to show clear evidence that the female driver, 23, failed to give way, yet no charges have yet been laid.

The injured riders are Steve Caruana, 42, on a Yamaha R1 and Marc Logan, 37, on a Suzuki GSX-R1000. They are lucky to be alive, but a month after the double crash, they are still in hospital and both wheelchair-bound.

Double crash Steve and Mark
Steve and Marc

Steve suffered leg injuries and lost a testicle. Marc is also still unable to walk with one leg in plaster and the other with a rod inserted. His right hand is now in a splint after an operation on his knuckles. Their bikes were written off.

Double crash the bike in better times
Their bikes in better times

“l believe that the driver should be charged and also should be made to take some type of driving course,” Steve says.

“The way she just pulled out was just insane and also could have killed two innocent people.”

Victoria Police spokesman Thomas O’Byrne says they are still investigating the double collision on Raleigh Road about 1.40pm on Sunday, July 17, 2016, and no charges have been laid.

He says he will contact us as soon as a decision is made about laying charges.

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate at the last election, Judith Kuerschner, doesn’t hold out much hope of the driver being charged.

AMEP candidate Judith Kuerschner with her partner's 2015 BMW 1200 GSA

Judith was riding behind her husband when he was killed by a driver turning in front of him without indicating. The driver was never charged.

“Considering the woman who killed my motorcycle-riding husband admitted to not even looking before making a right hand turn was never charged with even so much as a traffic fine, I doubt even video footage and social media outrage will have much impact here,” Judith says.

Police injustice
Husband Mick and Judith on their wedding day

“I hope I am wrong, but experience has proven the hard lesson to the contrary when it comes to the skills of investigators regarding motorcycle crashes.

“Since the recommendation made a number of years ago (I believe by the Motorcycle Council of ACT) to have motorcycle crash experts assist police investigations where motorcycles are involved has never been enacted, motorcyclists will always be at a disadvantage during an investigation of an incident between a car and a motorcycle.”

Anyone with any information about the incident can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential online report.



  1. I would have thought it wouldn’t take long to decide to charge someone for crossing into incoming traffic and injuring two people whether they are on motorcycles or driving another car. Then it is up to the courts to decide if the person involved is guilty and what their punishment is, if any. The only luck the riders had is that another vehicle was behind hem and caught the whole thing on camera otherwise I suspect that the police wouldn’t even bother to investigate.

    Seems that the only thing police do these days is to hide in the bushes and catch motorists and riders for going 3 kph over the speed limit. The can’t investigate quickly, they can’t stop carjacking or home invasions and they can’t chase reckless drivers fleeing from pursuit in case they injure themselves but they CAN act as a taxation arm of the State government.

  2. Hi Mark, and everyone.

    Victoria in fact is in a very, sad state of affair.
    Assistant Commission, Doug Fryer, of VicPol, has set an agenda. He now has to prove his statement that 86% of accidents involving motorcyclist, are the fault of the rider. Link Below.

    Hook or by crook, he will prove that these two poor broken fella’s will be found to be at fault, His subordinates, in crash investigation, and his mates, at MUARC, will baffle us with bullshyte, and dazzle us with scientific mumbo jumbo. And dumb assed Joe Public will swallow the bait, hook line and efen sinker, of course with a little help from his media mates, including the Murdoch muck lot.

    Yet Mr Fryer, was all nice and luvy dovey, at one of the Victoria’s toy runs, no doubt pissing in pockets, 6 months later, he is showing his true colours, with the knife out, vilifying motorcyclists.

    We know the real truth, world wide statistics, (real, credible statistics, not made up bullshyte) suggest that in 69% to some 86% of all accidents involving motorcyclist, in fact are the fault of a car driver. But hey we are just so efen special down here in Mexico, we so much like to be different aye.
    And was it not a prominent point, that in the PIMS report, that in Victoria the lack of accurate data collection at accident sites.
    Wonder if the Victorian Motorcycle toyrun guys will be feeling the love come, this December.

    I say with no malice toward the young lady, involved in this horrific accident accident, and I’ve said it before, she will end up with little more than a slap on the wrist. Assistant Commissioner Mr Doug Fryer, is going to screw the two riders, to (a) substantiate, his bullshyte statistic of 86% of accidents involving motorcycles being the fault of the rider. And (B) push the s Roads Minister into mandating, another favourite of his, gloves and boots, and, I’m tipping the mandating of other riding gear including Hi-Vis shortly there after.

    VicRoads will need to put up new signage at all border points, welcoming out of state riders, and preparing them to the new mandated position, legs spread, bent over, a hand on each bum cheek, ready to be screwed. Hands up, who is riding down for this years GP, Hint, BYO condoms, for the screwing, and for god’s sake, don’t have a accident, don’t be wearing a helmet cam, and if you have a camera mounted to ya bike, be prepared to having the SD card confiscated, so VicPol can prove that you broke the law, and charge you for the horrendous crime of travelling 5KPH over the speed limit, even if it was for 3 seconds, and was caused by being jarred on one of our superbly maintained roads. cough cough, whilst all manner of moving violations, are performed by car drivers, and ignored.

    Grumpy Old Bastard.
    Ride free, Ride safe,

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