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Deus Partners With Zero For New EV Bike Build

God From the Electric Machine

Deus ex Machina has decided to team up with head-honcho of the EV charge, Zero Motorcycles, to bring a custom one-off Zero SR/S to compliment Zero’s new 2021 lineup of EV motorcycles.

Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) is a custom motorcycle builder with a resume that stacks up to the ceiling. From flat trackers to cafe inspired insanity, Deus builds high-quality one-offs like this absolutly insane Kawazaki Z900rs that was transformed into a motorcycle they call ‘The Goose’.

With what looks like hundreds of custom petrol-powered motorcycles under their belt, it was only a matter of time before Deus moved onto an EV platform for a build. That’s where the Zero SR/S Deus comes into the picture…

This is the first factory-commissioned Zero motorcycle we have ever seen, making not only special but also very rare. This bike is the perfect combination of new and old; classy-vintage styling meets the apex of modern technology to bring us a 1 of 1 work of art.

Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway, the mad scientist fabrication demi-god behind this project said he wanted to create a track-only modern/vintage combination with some components even being sourced from vehicles in the World Superbikes series.

Here’s his Woolie’s explanation in his own words:

“I wanted to do something old and new. Old shapes that I grew up with and new technology – and I wanted to build a bike that wasn’t necessarily street legal because that’s what I love doing.”

“I shaped the bike by hand. It was all very organic. I didn’t have any drawings. No computer work. Just foam and shaping tools, the old-school way. It’s all carbon fibre for strength and for stiffness. The main body ended up weighing seven pounds before paint.”

“I really wanted to build a race bike and it quickly became clear we were going to be able to get a set of Showa factory-spec World Superbike forks and shock and carbon fibre wheels”

“I removed the foot brake and we installed a custom thumb brake. I just wanted to highlight the fact the bike doesn’t have any foot controls. It doesn’t have a ‘shifter’, doesn’t have a foot brake and because it doesn’t have a clutch lever that can now become the brake. I just wanted to highlight the fact that this is not a normal bike. It was a great experience. I hope everybody likes it.”