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Delayed Aldi motorcycle gear sale coming

Aldi annual sale - Riders urged to support motorcycle dealers claims

The annual Aldi motorcycle gear sale, normally held in the first couple of Saturdays of August, has been delayed this year until 31 August 2019.

Riders who want to snap up one of the many Aldi motorcycle bargains is advised to line up early for the store opening at 8.30am or they risk missing out.

However, we find that after the sale has passed and the gear has been removed from the shelves, riders can still buy some of the gear that has not been sold out.

You simply need to ask the manager if they have any left as it may be stored away. I once bought an $59.99 Aldi Bluetooth unit on behalf of a friend some months after the sale.

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Bluetooth Kit – $59.99

2019 Aldi motorcycle sale

The catalogue of motorcycle gear on sale this year will be available tomorrow by clicking here.

But we have a sneak preview of what’s literally in store!

As usual, the range of Aldi motorcycle goods for sale will include jackets, pants, balaclavas, thermals, bike covers and gloves.

Plus, there’s our perennial favourite – $9.99 Aldi motorcycle socks!

New this year are three types of $19.99 locks and chains to secure your bike and/or luggage.

aldi motorcycle sale theft stolen locks
Locks – $19.99

There is also a range of $39.99 tail and tank bags.


Riders urged to support dealers

However, riders have been urged by the Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association to support their local motorcycle dealer who {“deserves rider loyalty in tough times“.

They point out that motorcycle retailers offer a lot more product choice and all-year round availability.

However, they do not dispute the standard of gear sold at Aldi which has, in the past, been selected with the help of safety experts. So far, MotoCAP has not tested any Aldi products.

Supporters of the Aldi sale say it promotes the wearing of good quality gear because it makes it affordable to more riders. 

In our coverage of the annual Aldi sale, as well as MotoCAP’s testing of products, we find readers claim Aldi products are good quality and value.

We have also tested Aldi gear and find it is up to par, including that cheap Bluetooth unit that is still working just fine after three years.

  1. True… MOST of Aldi motorbike gear is great. I have bought lots of it over the years and recommend other do also.
    HOWEVER I must disagree with you about the intercom/Bluetooth unit. I bought two of these and due to poor quality leads, plugs and overall construction, BOTH units were thrown into the bin with practically no use at all due to unreliability. MOST DISAPPOINTING and a total waste of time and money.
    I am 56 years of age and I am very respectful and careful with my things. I am not a “treat it badly” person or a “just throw it away” sort of guy – My last bike (which I purchased very second hand) I owned for 17 years before selling it in better condition than I bought it.
    I would warn EVERYONE NOT to buy this intercom unit. It is (in my opinion) S**t.

  2. “However, riders have been urged by the Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association to support their local motorcycle dealer who “deserves rider loyalty in tough times“.”

    I’ll do this wherever possible, but sometimes this is a difficult pill to swallow when the service isn’t there and the prices are sky-high. I’ve even taken a local dealer to a Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearing when they simply didn’t supply goods or respond to any contact.

    However I have found a reliable batch of local dealers that I frequent with alarming regularity! Alas not everything I want is even available in Australia, although I do try.

  3. “However, riders have been urged by the Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association to support their local motorcycle dealer who “deserves rider loyalty in tough times“.

    What a load of nonsense ! Motorcycle dealers can compete for my business like any other retailer. Their massively over priced accessories scare customers away. I have visited a dealer only twice in the last 10 years and that was just to pick up a new bike and even then they never bothered with an after sales follow up call or email on a 20k purchase ?

    Impossible to take a test ride, so why do they exist ? Spare parts and accessories can by half dealer prices online. They are just another dinosaur retail business headed for extinction like the rest. Happy to buy next motorcycle online and have it delivered in a box. GO ALDI !

  4. Just returned from 2 week trip in Mongolia using the Aldi blue tooth intercom daily. Worked really well. My only issue was the clamping mechanism attaching it to the helmet wasn’t great.

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