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Deal of the Week: Select Sena Headsets 15% Off

Sena 10C EVO on helmet

Staying in touch with other riders, taking calls, listening to music, and maybe even grabbing some first-person footage of your ride—the right headset can help you do it all. Sena makes some of the best—and this week, many of their models are 15% off at RevZilla!

Find the headsets we’d want in our helmets here, or head on over to RevZilla’s Sena Sale and see ’em all for yourself. Let’s dig in.

Select Sena Headsets 15% Off

Spider RT1 Mesh

Sena Spider RT1 Mesh Bluetooth Headset

Regular Price: $219.00, Sale Price: $186.15 (15% Off)

A dedicated Mesh intercom that offers a claimed range of 1.2 miles between two systems, up to 5 miles with 6 paired riders, and the ability to create groups of up to 24 different riders, this economical little unit makes talking to your riding group easy. It charges fully in an hour and a half, and lasts for up to 11.5 hours on a full battery. HD speakers, audio multitasking, and a simple 3-button layout help round out the package. Also available in a dual pack if you want to buy two of them with a friend.

Check it out at RevZilla

50S Harman Kardon Mesh

Sena 50S Harman Kardon Mesh Intercom

Regular Price: $359.00, Sale Price: $305.15 (15% Off)

Sound by Harman Kardon provides an unparalleled audio experience in this headset, with an all-new microphone in addition to the premium speakers. Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom technology lets you connect with a practically limitless amount of riders within a 5-mile radius, while the Group Mesh Intercom feature lets you build a private group of up to 24 riders. Music sharing, audio multitasking, advanced noise control, and tons of other features make this one of the best options on the market. Also available in a dual pack.

Check it out at RevZilla

Spider ST1 Mesh

Sena Spider ST1 Mesh Bluetooth Headset

Regular Price: $219.00, Sale Price: $186.15 (15% Off)

A modest step up from the RT1, this intercom system features Group Mesh and Multi-Channel Open Mesh modes plus Bluetooth 5.1 technology t0 keep you and your riding buddies in the loop. It’s also got a jog dial and two buttons instead of the RT1’s three-button interface, along with HD speakers, music sharing, audio multitasking, and advanced noise control.

Check it out at RevZilla

20S EVO HD Bluetooth

Sena 20S EVO HD Bluetooth Headset

Regular Price: $269.00, Sale Price: $228.65 (15% Off)

An upgrade from the already-popular 20S, this unit boasts improved HD speakers and an integrated shark fin antennae to enhance signal stability within its usable range. Hands-free calling, Bluetooth 4.1 technology, advanced wind noise cancellation, and a universal intercom feature that makes it easy to pair with helmet comms by other brands all make this one of Sena’s highest-value offerings. You can buy this one in a dual pack as well.

Check it out at RevZilla

10C EVO Bluetooth

Sena 10C EVO Bluetooth Headset

Regular Price: $449.00, Sale Price: $381.65 (15% Off)

Go beyond mere audio with this premium system that adds HD video capability as well as 4-way Bluetooth intercom technology. Better yet, it can mix audio from your intercom and music from your smartphone into your video as you’re capturing it, allowing you to create phenomenally high-quality clips of your ride in real-time. It’s even got a Video Tagging feature that lets you capture the 60 seconds before and after you touch the tag button, making sure you have context for every unforgettable moment.

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